A Journey of Celtic Discovery

You might already know from my previous posts that I have recently taken a huge leap in self-discovery. I am travelling a pagan path at the moment, and am now officially ‘out’ as a witch of the old ways. By this I mean I am not Wiccan, rather I follow our craft in the tradition of my ancestors, many of whom I have yet to meet and discover.

So, I am on a journey of Celtic discovery. I have always felt drawn to the legends of the British Isles. My auburn hair seems a stark message that I have an interesting ancestry. My maternal grandmother is Irish, and I strongly believe and feel that she is the line from which I am descended spiritually. It is difficult to trace my family history due to various circumstances, but I will do it one day.

witchy-spookymrsgreen-crystal-wandAnyway, back to the present. As a child I used to imagine what it would be like to find a fairy at the bottom of my garden. In my childhood innocence I saw the fairies as tiny creatures, much like the popular Flower Fairies. My fairy would be hiding under a tall flower, and I would take care of her. I would make her a home in a box and keep her safe in my bedroom. Of course, now I realise that is simply impractical and immoral. Fairies are not pets. I understand that now.

I am only just beginning to learn about faeries. Yes, I have changed the spelling of this word. I now choose to identify my kin with their true spelling, not the one assigned by popular culture. My faery ancestors were very real. They were people, just like you and me. They lived and worked on the land, caring for Mother Earth, enjoying their freedom and their society. But, the world was changing. Man decided to plunder and invade. My faery kin were driven away, many were killed or enslaved, and the rest went into hiding. Gradually they became a myth, a legend, a story.

The Wolf and the Fairy

It is only now, as I accept the truth about myself as a witch in this life that I can appreciate and understand more about my incarnations in previous lives. There are lots of memories for me to discover. For example, I know that at some point in history I was a mermaid. That memory still needs to be fully accessed, but I have received enough messages now to understand the basic truth. I had a past life regression last year where I discovered previous lives as the spoiled wife of a rich 18th century English land owner, and another where I was an American woman pioneering counselling therapy in the 1800s. More about those later…

This is a wonderfully exciting time in all our lives. 2012 was predicted to be the end of the world. In truth it is simply the end of a calendar created by the Mayans many hundreds of years ago. There is no apocalypse, at least not physically. 2012 signifies a change in human consciousness. Many of us are waking up to our truth and our heritage. We have long felt the pull from our ancestors to remember our true selves, and to reawaken those old cultures and lifestyles. Well, let us do it. If you feel a particular connection with a time period in history, or you have a fascination with faeries, mermaids, dragons or any other supposedly mythical creature or person, now is the time to discover exactly why that is. Live your truth. Be happy.

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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