Fish is Healing! – A Spiritual Energy Healing Session

I recently attended a Mind, Body and Spirit event in the capacity of Tarot reader and spiritual advisor. It was a wonderful weekend in so many ways, and I am looking forward to our next event coming up in July. More about that later.

Aside from a busy series of readings for clients, I found time to chat with my friends and fellow exhibitors. One of these was Ted Royle from FisH. He operates a new kind of energy healing routine that is transformational, energetic and dynamic. Ted combines science with higher powers to unlock our secret selves and help us to heal from the mind through the body, and outward to our immediate environment.

Ted offered me a quick healing session so I could see what he does. He felt that I was in need. At the time I was focused solely on my own work, but I accepted his very kind offer because I was intrigued. It turns out I had another healing epiphany; following on from my experiences with reiki drum therapy at Walton Hall in Warrington.


Ted asked if I had any problems to heal and I said no. There are what I would call ‘niggles’ in my life, but nothing serious, and it is all in progress for repair at the moment. So we started a general treatment. Somehow Ted knew exactly which issues to clear up, bearing in mind we had only spoken briefly that morning and had not met before this event. He talked me through an energy meditation and I felt the power pulsing through my body. Physically I shivered a couple of times, and I felt my chakras responding. Then Ted moved to focus on my head and things really took off.

I saw a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. It was in a deep, dark place, and I had deposited it there many centuries ago. The chest was more of a box, cast iron. It was sealed shut by rust and covered in barnacles and layers of seaweed. I hauled it out of the water and pried the lid open. Apparently in this incarnation I was a mermaid, and it felt like I had returned to my ancestral home. Opening the box, I found the long forgotten treasure that is my memories and knowledge from past lifetimes. It is now time to embrace my past, bring it into the present, and discard the useless rubbish I have acquired.


As I was opening my treasure chest, Ted spoke quietly beside me. He said he would now clear out the rubbish from my head, and make room for the important stuff. I had not spoken, and he did not know what I was experiencing, but he felt it. I then picked up a battered, nondescript cardboard box. It was heavy. It contained all of the useless rubbish I have accumulated in this lifetime. This was negative emotions and oppressive memories that I just don’t need to hang on to. I hauled the box out of the window of my mind (with Ted’s help), and as it fell it burst into flames and disintegrated into ashes that blew away.

Ted then worked on my chakras. I could already feel a sharp sensation over my heart chakra. My mind interpreted it as pain but that wasn’t it. All my chakras ignited suddenly, blazing into action like Catherine wheels. I now feel confident, powerful, and capable to continue my amazing work. Thank you, Ted!

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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