Home Furnishings Available at English Heritage

At English Heritage Shop, we have a range of Home Furnishings available. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your own home or for the perfect present, this range has it all.

Shop exclusive recycled wool throws, decorative cushions, beautiful candles or much more today. Shop now. FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50.

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Home Furnishings at English Heritage

Hello Calm Moroccan Rose Reed Diffuser – The Moroccan rose scent is known for its stress-relieving properties. This luxuriously scented diffuser is the perfect way to add a calming atmosphere into your home. Our Price £36.00. Shop now.

Morris Brother Rabbit Tapestry Door Curtain – The Morris Brother Rabbit Tapestry Door Curtain, is a beautiful fully lined fine woven Jacquard door curtain, created by Master Flemish tapestry weavers, giving a superb detail to the weave. Our Price £190.00. Shop now.

Noble Isle – Rhubarb Rhubarb! Reed Diffuser – Enhance your living space with this luxurious diffuser. Filled with fragrance notes of bittersweet rhubarb, juniper berry and muddled rosemary with base notes of moss and cedarwood, this diffuser is sure to create a relaxing aroma in any room. Our Price £49.00. Shop now.

Leah Clear Vase – A beautiful addition into any home, this vase is the perfect way to display your favourite flowers. The clear glass vase has a unique ribbed shape, creating an effortlessly stylish piece of home décor. Our Price £35.00. Shop now.

Seagrass Shopper Basket – Store blankets, carry home groceries and add some bohemian style into your home with this seagrass shopper. The woven basket is crafted from 100% seagrass, has sturdy handles and is a large size so you carry your daily groceries with ease. Our Price £15.00. Shop now.

Gainsborough Old Hall Wall Painting Candle – Create an atmosphere within your home and remember a recent visit to Gainsborough Old Hall with this scented candle. Our Price £8.50. Shop now.

Tree Of Life Wall Tapestry – Add some history into your home with this Tree of Life Wall Tapestry. The beautiful tapestry is inspired by the works of William Morris’s Tree of Life collection. Our Price £135.00. Shop now.  

Around The World Map Cushion Rectangular – This Around the World Map Cusion is printed with a blue and cream map design and will add a tounch of vintage style to any sofa or chair. Our Price £20.00. Shop now.

Nest Lavender & Bergamot Diffuser – Scent your home with the calming notes of lavender and bergamot with this stylish diffuser. Our Price £36.00. Shop now.  

Stonehenge Trilithon Cushion – Display a cuddly piece of history on your bed or sofa with our Stonehenge Trilithon Cushion. Our Price £16.00. Shop now.  

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How Educational Toys and Programs Can Benefit Your Child Later In Life

As a mother, it is natural to want what’s best for our children. You may be considering everything from their nutrition and education to encouraging hobbies such as sports or music lessons. However, an often overlooked part of early childhood development is playing with educational toys and taking advantage of learning programs specifically designed for young learners. Research has shown that engaging in stimulating activities promotes healthy mental and physical growth, making investing in educational toys and programs well worth the effort! In this blog post, we will discuss the various roles these kinds of activities can play in helping your child succeed later in life.

Via Pixabay

Understanding the Benefits of Educational Toys and Programs

For generations, educational toys and programs have been used to help give children the best start in life. Parents increasingly understand how beneficial these activities can be for their kids: from strengthening problem-solving capabilities and memory retention to developing creativity and bolstering self-esteem — all within a meaningful learning context. For example, when a child successfully solves a puzzle or completes an assignment from an educational program, it immensely boosts their confidence in themselves. The result is increased happiness, curiosity, motivation, and intelligence! Overall, educational toys and programs play a vital role in helping young children reach their full potential.

How Early Childhood Education Creates Long-term Success

From a young age, inherited trait lessons for kids, such as problem-solving, communication and collaboration, can be encouraged, nurtured and developed through play. Toys that engage learning help to expand children’s imaginations while reinforcing the concepts they are exploring. Educational programming gives kids the tools they need to tackle today’s significant issues, such as poverty and inequality. Concepts like these help stimulate critical thinking and creativity in kids from an early age, creating an understanding of these topics that will stay with them. Through high-quality educational toys and programs, parents can provide their kids with the foundation for success later down the line.

The Role of Cognitive Development in Educational Toys and Programs

Educational toys and programs offer numerous benefits to children. One of the most important ones is their role in cognitive development. Cognitive development involves:

  • Building a bank of knowledge.
  • Expanding problem-solving skills.
  • Learning abstract thinking for progression through different levels of learning.

Furthermore, cognitive development helps children think outside of the box, developing a more efficient way of learning. Quality educational toys and programs can help boost children’s cognitive development by stimulating their minds so they can take on each new skill with ease. By providing challenging puzzles, games or other activities for kinetic learning, these toys and programs encourage children to think critically about their decisions and reflect upon their mistakes to make specific improvements when required. All these components are put together to enable the child to have better control over the cognitive development process, which leads them to understand complex concepts more deeply, resulting in improved problem-solving abilities, which are essential later in life.

Encouraging Social Interaction with Educational Toys

Children are born with a natural curiosity that can often be enhanced by playing with suitable educational toys. By utilizing these tools, you can encourage solid social interaction with other kids, teach essential problem-solving techniques, and give your child the opportunity to make mistakes and grow from them. With the help of educational toys, parents can facilitate interactions between children and make sure their kids are exposed to a variety of age-appropriate activities – many of which require skills such as conversation, taking turns, and understanding various perspectives. In addition, educational toys provide an excellent avenue for playtime where your children can practice discipline and patience alongside their peers. Even though educational toys may seem like a fun distraction for toddlers and preschoolers, the ability for these toys to engage their minds extends well beyond those years – even directly impacting their future success later in life by developing skills such as collaboration, resourcefulness, conflict resolution and independence.

Developing Motor Skills with Educational Toys and Programs

From gripping a toy in your hands to hopping from one block to another, motor skills are an essential part of a child’s physical development. With early exposure and practice, you can help your child sharpen their motor skills with the use of educational toys and programs.

Specifically, educational toys promote tactile awareness and fine motor coordination by assisting children in identifying different textures and shapes within objects. Similarly, educational programs focus on improving gross motor movements such as balance, eye-hand coordination, and running and jumping abilities. Not only do these toys challenge children to refine their movement capabilities, but they also naturally improve problem-solving skills while having fun in the process. As such, successfully developing your child’s motor skills with educational products can reinforce essential traits beneficial during later stages of life.

We can see from the evidence presented in this blog post that educational toys and programs provide many diverse benefits to children who engage in these activities at an early age. With a strong focus on cognitive, social, and motor skills development, educational toys and programs are special tools that support a child’s growth and success later in life. 

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Bright Ideas. Eco-Friendly Play. Illuminating the Imagination with Geomag Glow

Check out the new toy set available from Geomag. It is a breakthrough in creative building and design for hands of all ages and abilities.

The set offers something for everyone with its innovative magnetic rods, panels, and steel spheres that click and snap together to form limitless three-dimensional creations that glow in the dark.

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

Geomagworld has been innovating with magnets since 1998, introducing young innovators and learners to the creative and imaginative world of magnet-building fun. Through its magnetic rods and steel spheres, Geomagworld has provided a fun, constructive, and educational environment for children to explore the limitless possibilities of magnetism. For 25 years Geomag has created numerous product ranges; from Magicube, Classic Geomag in multiple colour ways and themes such as Panels, Supercolor, Glitter, Glow, and for old builders comes Mechanics.  One concept, three platforms, all ages!  

From building blocks to complex structures, Geomag has something for all ages. All toys are made with the utmost care and respect for the environment. Geomag is committed to reducing its environmental impact. All the company’s products are manufactured in the European Union, Switzerland, with all power used 100% renewably. To ensure their operations didn’t require any fossil fuel energy sources, the company converted their factory to run by hydro power. By doing this, Geomagworld has drastically reduced its carbon footprint and even makes its toys from 100% recycled plastic, meaning no new plastic is created in the process.

Geomag is an excellent tool for independent play and collaborative activities. Regardless of age, kids and adults can explore, experiment and create in a relaxed and interactive environment with magnetic rods and metal spheres. It encourages creativity, engineering capabilities, and problem-solving skills and encourages teamwork as it allows multiple people to collaborate to achieve their desired shape or structure. With its variety of colours and shapes, Geomag allows individuals to explore the different ways that magnets attract or repel each other, a great way to learn about magnetism! Geomag is an excellent tool for developing spatial thinking, practicing fine motor skills as well as providing hours of educational fun.

Geomag toys are STEM.org certified toys and are perfect for a fun and sustainable learning experience. These educational toys have been carefully reviewed and evaluated to ensure that they meet rigorous standards of quality learning experiences so your children can get the most out of their playtime while learning invaluable skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The Geomag Glow range is the perfect educational toy for young children aged 3+. It includes the Geomag Glow 93-Piece Set (339) that stimulates children to explore and create amazing constructions using the power of magnets. Made with 100% recycled plastic and a natural plant-based glow it is certain to inspire creativity and develop problem-solving skills. helping to build a strong understanding of basic science concepts. The Glow rods come to life in the dark, providing an all-around mesmerizing experience for your child. With 93 pieces that connect through the power of magnetism and allow endless construction possibilities, Geomag Glow provides a stimulating and engaging environment. In the Glow range, there are also sets available in various sizes, the (328) 25-piece set, (329) 42-piece set, and the (338) 60-piece set.

All Geomag Glow sets can be added to other Geomag ranges to make even bigger sets. As the range continues to expand, it allows the models, and the children’s achievements, to increase to impressive heights.

The Geomag (328) Glow 25 Piece Set costs £19.99 from Amazon

The Geomag (329) Glow 42 Piece Set costs £34.99 from Amazon

The Geomag (338) Glow 60 Piece Set costs £39.99 from Amazon

The Geomag (339) Glow 93 Piece Set costs £45 For more information visit Geomagworld.com

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#MummyMonday Style Guide for Sassy Teens + EXCLUSIVE Discount Codes

Do you live with a sassy teen? My girls are still in the “tween” phase but my eldest daughter is growing more sassy by the day. Check out my MummyMonday style guide for sassy teens, featuring products from Sassyspud, the Spark Company, the Body Shop and more.

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

#MummyMonday Style Guide for Sassy Teens

Sassyspud: New Collection

  • Shop Our New “Screw You” Collection. Shop now.
  • Shop Our MY OAT MILK FREES ALL THE COWS FROM THE YARD Sweatshirt. Shop now.
  • Holy Macaroni Collection! Shop now.
  • Shop Our New “Save The Chubby Unicorns” Collection! Shop now.  
  • Shop Our Eat Spaghetti T-Shirt. Shop now.
  • Shop Our Don’t Be A Pr*ck Sweatshirt. Shop now.
  • Shop Our Spread Hummus Not Hate Unisex Sweatshirt! Shop now.  
  • FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £50

The Spark Company: LGBTQIA+ favourites

  • Sounds Gay I’m In LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirt. Shop now.
  • Pride Flag LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirt. Shop now.
  • Love Wins Pastel Heart LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirt. Shop now.
  • Pride Rainbow Nipple LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirt. Shop now.   
  • Rainbow Heart Embroidery Detail LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirt. Shop now.
  • Free UK Shipping on All Orders Over £70!
  • Every Purchase Donates to The “Bloody Good Period” Charity
  • Exclusive 5% off everything. Use code: SPOOKYPRIDE5. Shop now.

The Body Shop: Best Skincare for Teens

  • Our favourite for oily skin and blemishes: Tea Tree Oil. Shop now.
  • Our dull skin hero: Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate. Shop now.
  • Cult classic: Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. Shop now.
  • Our best for your body: Shea Nourishing Body Butter. Shop now.
  • Our best for your Hair: Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner. Shop now.
  • EXCLUSIVE 20% discount. Use code: 14315.

Kudd.ly: Mix & Match Hoodies & Blankets

  • Save up to 70% on any combination of Kuddly Hoodies & Blankets. Shop now.
  • Save up to 65% on any combination of Kuddly Blankets & Sleep Accessories. Shop now.
  • Use Coupon SPEND60 to Save £5 on Purchases over £60. Shop now.
  • Use Coupon SPEND90 to Save £10 on Purchases of £90+. Shop now.
  • Use Coupon NEW15 to Save 15% Sitewide – For New Customers. Shop now.

M&S: Discount Skincare deals + Formal Wear Offers

  • 20% off Formula. Shop now.
  • 20% off Ren Bath & Body. Shop now.
  • This Works £5 off Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Shop now.
  • Free Sartorial Shirt with £150 min spend on Suits. Shop now.

Starlette Galleria: Buy One Get One Free Offer

  • Buy One, Get One FREE with code BOGO. Shop now.
  • 50% off everything sale. Shop now.
  • Olivia’s Faves Ear Cuff. Shop now.
  • Opal Triangle Necklace was $49.99 now $29.99. Shop now.
  • Loved Bracelet $49.99. Shop now.

TELETIES: New Spring Break Collection

  • Spend $35 and choose a free item at checkout! Shop now.
  • EXCLUSIVE 10% OFF Purchase of $35+. Use code: PARTNER10. Shop now.
  • Your new favorite hair clip is only a click away! Shop now.
  • TELETIES headbands pull your hair back without the “ouch” moments or itchy teeth like you find on traditional hairbands. Shop now.
  • Organize your TELETIES with the new TELETRAY! Shop now.

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£20 Off Royal Albert Orders Over £120 at Wedgwood

£20 Off Royal Albert Items Over £120 at Wedgwood. Discover colourful Mother’s Day gifts that will bring a smile to her face this year.

Use code – SAVE20 at Checkout. Offer expires – Midnight, 23-03-2023. Click here to find out more.

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

£20 Off Royal Albert  at Wedgwood

Royal Albert Miranda Kerr Gratitude 3 Piece Set – Delicate, delightful, and totally Miranda, the three-piece box set makes the perfect gift for the sophisticated and feminine woman, who enjoys celebrating with friends or simply when she needs to take time for herself with a nice cup of tea. Our Price £75.00. Shop now.   

Royal Albert Miranda Kerr Friendship Mug Turquoise – Enjoy a nice cup of tea with your friends with this delightful Turquoise Friendship Mug (0.4 litre) adorned with darling blooms and butterflies. Our Price £37.00. Shop now.

Royal Albert Miranda Kerr Friendship Joy 2 Piece Set – Start the day off right with this Miranda Kerr Friendship Joy 2 Piece Set. Whether bought for yourself, a loved-one or your BFF, the uplifting buttermilk yellow colour will put a smile on anyone’s face. Our Price £50.00. Shop now.

Royal Albert Miranda Kerr Friendship Blessings 2 Piece Set – Add an elegant touch to your everyday with this Miranda Kerr Friendship Blessings 2 Piece Set. Crafted from fine bone china in a refreshing green colour palette, the mug and plate both feature Miranda’s favourite peonies and butterflies, finished with elegant gold lining. Our Price £50.00. Shop now.

Royal Albert Polka Rose Vintage Teacup and Saucer – Youthful and exuberant, this Formal Vintage Teacup and Saucer Boxed Set is wonderfully crafted in fine bone china, and combines classic form with intricate detailing, vibrant colours and a lustrous gold rim. Our Price £41.00. Shop now.

Royal Albert Miranda Kerr Friendship Mug, Mixed Set of 4 – Fill your kitchen with joy, devotion, blessings and gratitude thanks to these Miranda Kerr Friendship Mugs. Crafted from fine bone china, each one has its own personality and colour palette inspired by Miranda’s love of peonies and butterflies. Our Price £122.00. Shop now.  

Royal Albert New Country Roses Pink Vintage Soup Bowl 24cm – Youthful and exuberant, this Formal Vintage 24cm Rim Soup bowl is wonderfully crafted in fine bone china, and combines classic form with intricate detailing, vibrant colours and a lustrous gold rim. Our Price £25.00. Shop now.

Royal Albert Polka Blue 3 Piece Set – Youthful and exuberant, this beautiful Polka Blue 3-Piece Tea Set includes a teapot, covered sugar bowl and creamer, all charmingly fashioned in fine bone china and combining classic form with intricate detailing, vibrant colours and a lustrous gold rim. Our Price £187.00. Shop now.

Royal Albert Rose Confetti Mug – Youthful and exuberant, this collection is charmingly fashioned in fine bone china, and combines classic form with intricate detailing, vibrant colours, and a lustrous gold rim. Our Price £29.00. Shop now.  

Royal Albert Rose Confetti Vintage Teacup and Saucer – Youthful and exuberant, this Confetti Vintage Teacup & Saucer Boxed Set is wonderfully crafted in fine bone china, and combines classic form with intricate detailing, vibrant colours and a lustrous gold rim. Our Price £41.00. Shop now.

Special Offer Codes

Royal Albert Free Gift with Orders £125+. Use code: WITHLOVE. Shop now.

30% off orders over £500. Use code: WW500AFF.

25% off orders over £300. Use code: WW300AFF.

10% off orders over £125. Use code: WW125AFF.

15% Off Sitewide When You Sign Up to The Wedgwood Newsletter. Shop now.

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14 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, spoil all the special women in your life — your grandma, mother-in-law and more — with these ideas.

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)


August + Monroe – Birthday Bundle. Having to wake up in the middle of the night to feed or soothe your baby or toddler takes a toll! August + Monroe’s bundle hits all your self care needs! Filled with their four best sellers, all the products are used for multiple purposes. Wake Up Call brightens the under eye area and prevents wrinkles. Calm Cream gets rid of any blemishes, redness or acne scars while also hydrating the skin. The 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage can be used as a primer, concealer, or nighttime spot treatment. Lastly, the Obsidian Stone Gua Sha reduces inflammation. August + Monroe has grown 260% this past year so see what all the buzz is about treat yourself this Mother’s Day! Available from Amazon.

Liberation Nails – Maximalist Bundle. Go big for mom this year! Liberation Nails Maximalist Bundle contains the building blocks for creating a ritual of joyful transformation—everything you need for the ultimate nail self-care. The long-wearing Leaping Bunny-certified collection is 21-free—no parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, or 16 other potentially toxic ingredients. The Maximalist bundle includes:

•           2 Liberation Nail Polishes

•           In Good Hands Cuticle Recovery Oil

•           Double Star 2-in-1 Top & Base Coat

•           Time for a Change Nail Polish Remover + Reusable Dispenser

Available from Liberation Nails. Similar item available from Amazon.

Sun Chlorella Cream. Treat your mom with this organic, plant-based skin cream. Nourish your skin on a deeper level for a brighter, youthful appearance that lasts. Sun Chlorella Cream contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), an ingredient like no other that helps to even out skin tone. Not only that, but Sun Chlorella Cream combines CGF with other ingredients like clove and grapefruit seed extract to promote healthy-looking skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and retain moisture. Available from Amazon.

Home Goods

Lynn & Liana Designs. The guests at your Mother’s Day brunch will fall in love with Lynn & Liana Designs’ customizable boards and platters. This hand painted home pieces also double as art in your mom’s home. Each board comes in nine colors. No two boards are alike because Lynn & Liana uses eco-friendly resin that creates stunning designs that are unique to each board. This small Manitoba family business has grown tremendously since starting in 2018 from a garage set-up. They went from producing 100 boards in 2018 to well over 100,000 boards in 2022 alone! Now available in 2,000+ stores, 27-year-old founder Melissa Funk has done more than jump on the charcuterie board craze. She’s reinvented it by crafting elegant boards and platters that stand out. Available from Amazon.

MyBevi makes customizable water bottles that make carrying your phone, keys and a tumbler easy on-the-go to pick the kids up from school. You can also now engrave MyBevi bottles with any customization you’d like! With 800+ positive Amazon reviews, the collection offers stainless steel tumblers for everyone that are made to endure all weather conditions and activities. Get your coffee fix for the day or quench that thirst with ice-cold water. Eco-conscious consumers will be glad to know that this small family business is doing its part to provide sustainable solutions for a healthier future for our planet. Shop now.


Woxer – Baller Boxer Briefs. Give mom the gift of comfort. The #1 Best-Selling Boxer Brief is a comfortable and stylish 5” seam brief that has had amazing reviews. Functional, stay put, chafe free, and moisture wicking, you will experience comfort with these mid-rise briefs. Feels close to wearing nothing as it’s made from Modal, a lightweight, breathable & sustainable fabric. Available from Amazon.

Woxer- Boss Top. Woxer’s Boss styles tops are the epitome of comfort due to its racerback style and lined front. Similar to the boxer briefs, they are also made from Modal. Available from Amazon.

Pear Compression Knee High Socks. These functional and stylish compression socks from Pear Compression are what every soon to be mom and postpartum mom needs. Boost your circulation with their best-selling knee-high socks with 15-25mmHg 360° seamless and graduated compression. Find relief from uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy and after delivery, such as various veins or blood clots. Relieve added pressure on veins near your abdomen and uterus, ensuring blood is exchanged more easily and efficiently from your feet to your heart. Similar item available from Amazon.

Baseline Midlayer from Coalatree. Mom’s who enjoy hiking and working out will be thrilled to receive Coalatree’s soft fleece jacket that’s great for layering. Spent coffee grounds are mixed and melted down with recycled plastic bottles to create the fibers for its innovative baseline midlayer. The result is a midlayer packed with features that are perfect for all outdoor adventures. Unlike other fleece garments, the baseline does not shed microplastics when washed. This eco-friendly layer saves millions of tiny plastics from contaminating our ecosystems! Shop now.

Health & Wellness

Ingreendients Hair Care Bundle. Let mom pamper herself and upgrade her shower routine with Ingreendients. This brand has grown 300% in the last two years and that’s because it’s pioneering the true definition of natural with premium hair and body care made 100% from plants, banning more than 1,400 ingredients. Now that by itself isn’t ground-breaking, but here are the other four components Ingreendients commits to that are shifting the beauty industry:

•           They care about the waterways and what goes down the drain

o          That’s why their formulas are certified biodegradable and reef friendly.

•           They’re helping to end greenwashing.

o          That’s why Ingreendients’ bottles are 100% post-consumer recycled plastics and 100% recyclable after use.

•           They’re carbon neutral

o          That’s why their manufacturing facilities are within 20 miles of each other to keep their carbon footprint down. All products are 100% made in America.

•           Their products work

  • That’s why Amazon customers rave about Ingreendients’ with 800+ five-star reviews

Available from Amazon.

TheralCE™ Hot & Cold Therapy Head Cap. Let mom have a moment to unwind if the kids are running around the house. TheralCE™’s patented design works to soothe and relax through 360-degree cold and heat coverage (no inserts or velcro!), light-blocking material, and expert-grade gel for cooling or warming. This cap is comfortable, stretchable, and form-fitting with a one size fits all design. Available from Amazon.

WanderFull. Moms are raving over WanderFull’s stylish water bottle bags that are perfect for running to the gym, walking the dog or watching kids’ sports tournaments. The water resistant pockets will store your water bottle, phone, keys, wallet and more while never sacrificing style. It’s perfect for moms on the go! Available from Amazon.

Sea Witch Botanicals – Herbal Renewal Gift Set. Help mom purify her space and spirit with Sea Witch Botanicals Herbal Renewal Gift Set. With lavender and rosemary essential oils, inhaling the Herbal Renewal signature scent is akin to frolickng in an alpine field of wildflowers with this uplifting aroma. Set includes:

•           Soy Wax Candle

•           Scented Veil

•           All-natural Incense Sticks

•           Solid Perfume

•           The goodness goes right down to the compostable and recyclable packaging and paper shipping tape, so everything is carbon neutral!


SideTrak Swivel Pro HD 13.3″ . Revolutionizes the way mom works on the go, at home, and in the office. The ultra-thin attachable monitor creates an expansive dual-screen viewing experience that instantly folds against your laptop for effortless portability. It provides an unparalleled HD viewing experience that customizes to your perfect viewing angle. Available from Amazon.

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Summer Staycations with LEGOLAND®️ Holidays

Join us for an awesome summer staycation at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and build the ultimate short break full of brick-tastic rides, incredible live shows and attractions! **Lead price of £65pp based on 2 adults and 2 children sharing a room at the Holiday Inn Reading South on selected dates from 21st July – 31st August 2023. Subject to change and availability.

Give the whole family something special to look forward to this summer and watch little dreams become reality with over 55 interactive rides, live shows and attractions! Step into an amazing world filled with LEGO® bricks and adventure around every corner at the LEGOLAND Resort and Castle Hotels. Or choose from a great selection of hand-picked, 3 and 4-star hotels in the nearby area!

Get ready for the ultimate LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race Experience – speeding into the Resort this summer! Featuring three interactive zones, create your own Ferrari race car and fine-tune it while you test drive it through our three extreme test tracks. Then digitally build and race on our virtual track to the finish line!

All short break packages include:

✓ An overnight stay in a LEGO®-themed room or nearby partner hotel

✓ 1-Day entry

✓ A delicious breakfast

Guests staying in Resort accommodation also receive:

✓ Early Ride Time*

✓ FREE LEGOLAND gift for each child†

✓ LEGOLAND® character meet and greets

✓ FREE parking and WiFi

Book your LEGOLAND summer vacation today. Click here.

Did you enjoy this article? Browse the latest exclusive special offers and discount codes from more of my affiliate partners. Click here.

 Terms & conditions:

•           Terms and conditions apply.

•           *Guests staying in our Resort accommodation can enjoy exclusive Early Ride Time in the Park from 9:30am. Early Ride Time is valid for Coastguard HQ, LEGO® City Driving School and L-Drivers, Fire Academy and Balloon School. Rides are subject to availability. Valid from 17th March – 5th November 2023.

•           **Lead price of £65pp based on 2 adults and 2 children sharing a room at the Holiday Inn Reading South on selected dates from 21st July – 31st August 2023. Subject to change and availability.

•           †Free LEGO gift in room applies to children between and including 3 and 11 years old.

•           Breakfast is included with all packages unless stated otherwise at the time of booking. Children under the age of 3 go free into LEGOLAND® Windsor’s Resort. Resort benefits, exclusive extras and activities are subject to change and availability.

*This is an affiliate article

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#FreeforallFriday Spring Special Offers for Your Home and Office

Get your Spring cleaning organised with these fantastic special offers from my affiliate partners. Choose your new office furniture, update your home furnishings, and stock up on essentials from Furniture@Work, Dunelm Conscious Choice, Lakeland and more.

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

#FreeforallFriday Spring Special Offers

Furniture@Work: Latest Offers

  • Segura Reception Armchair – Only £186.00! Shop now.
  • All White Rectangular H-Leg Desk – Only £98.00! Shop now.
  • Tully Filing Cabinets – Only £141.00! Shop now.
  • Cormac Mesh Back Operator Chair – Only £102.00! Shop now.
  • Write-On Magnetic Whiteboards – Only £30.00! Shop now.

Dunelm: Conscious Choice

  • Every item is made from at least 50% more sustainable materials, constantly evolving to work with the planet, not against it. Shop now.
  • Pure Cotton Fitted Sheet, £4.50 – £24. Shop now.
  • PractiRug Gabriella Washable Rug, £29 – £139. Shop now.
  • Belle Grey Reversible Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, £14 – £34. Shop now.
  • Havisham Navy Wallpaper, FREE – £12. Shop now.
  • Set of 5 Terry Tea Towels, £6. Shop now.
  • Martha Vintage Velvet 3 Seater Sofa, £949. Shop now.

Lakeland: Spring Special Offers

  • 20% off Lakeland Cookware & Bakeware. Shop now.
  • Enjoy up to 30% off heated textiles for a limited time only. Shop now.
  • FREE gift worth up to £75 when you purchase an Ooni pizza oven. Shop now.
  • Free cover worth up to £44.99 when you purchase a Dry:Soon airer. Shop now.

Studio: Big Savings on Spring Essentials

  • Big Savings on Spring Essentials – Up to 50% off. Shop now.
  • Hanging Tipi Pod – NEW IN AND Just £300.00. Shop now.
  • Double Hanging Egg Chair – NEW IN and JUST £295. Shop now.
  • Salter Dual Pro Air Fryer – £109. Shop now.  
  • Tower T513009 VL45 Cordless Blue & Gold 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner. Now Just £100. Shop now.
  • £65 Tower 5-piece Aluminium Pan Set – STUDIO EXCLUSIVE. Shop now.  

Terrys Fabrics: Exclusive Discount Codes

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Instrument Furniture: Exclusive Discount Codes

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Poundshop: Everyday essentials + Easter treats

  • Everyday Essentials, a page full of all the food, drink, health, hygiene and cleaning products that you need to keep you and your family running smoothly. Shop now.
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  • Kids Party Bag Fillers – Great Selection of Kids Toys. Shop now.
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  • Easter collection of chocolate eggs, arts and crafts, decorations, and balloons. Shop now

Rusted Orange Craftworks: Beautiful hand-crafted home décor

  • 15% off your order with code: Get15. Shop now.
  • Always Come Home Address Plaque – personalised outdoor sign, $37.95. Shop now.
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  • Special Offer: Easter Week Story Activity Kit, was $24.95 now  $19.95. Shop now.
  • Holy Week Easter Advent, $58.95. Shop now.

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Did You Have a Great Valentine’s Day? Suspecting Pregnancy Checkout

If you had a great Valentine’s Day, you might be in for a SURPRISE!! Why not put your mind at ease with Oxford Online Pharmacy.

Oxford Online Pharmacy offer a range of pregnancy kits for those who think they might be expecting a little bundle of JOY!

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

Here are some products that will help you put your mind at ease:

ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit Duo – Clearblue gives a Digital ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’ result in words. Can be used directly in the urine stream and the 50% wider tip helps make using the test easier and more hygienic. For Only £14.99. Shop now.

SELFCheck Pregnancy Blood Test 1 test Any time of day – Finger prick blood spot, Results in 5 minutes, use at any time of the day, CE marked for self-test use. For Only £8.99. Shop now.

SureSign Pregnancy Test 6 day early 2 pack – No test works earlier, 99% accurate, 2 Tests – mid stream urine sample, 6 days early testing, Results in 3 minutes. For Only £7.00. Shop now.

Pregnancy care for expecting mums.

They also offer some Pregnancy care for expecting mummies, these help keep mummy and baby healthy:

Pregnacare is a tablet which has vital nutrients for both mother and baby, including vitamin B12 and folic acid. They can be taken before conception, during pregnancy and right until the end of breast feeding. Pregnacare can be bought from  OxfordPharmacyOnline for only £14.94. Shop now.

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St. Patrick’s Day Floral Arrangements with Calyx Flowers

Make Irish eyes, or anyone’s eyes, smile with a gorgeous gift from Calyx Flowers. From orchids and roses in gorgeous shades of green to other sunny springtime blooms, we have just the St. Patrick’s Day surprise to make March 17th your recipient’s lucky day!

(I earn commissions if you shop through the links below)

St. Patrick’s Day Flowers

Lemon & Lime Orchids – Talk about refreshing! This glorious bouquet quenches a thirst for something new and different for Mom. Featuring three varieties of the ever-popular orchid – jade dendrobiums, yellow arandas, and yellow mokaras – it’s bright and warm, sophisticated and chic all gathered into one dazzling display. Beautifully displayed tucked inside our white ceramic vase adorning a green leaf. $119.00 – $139.00. Shop now.

Artesian Orchids – Like an artesian well, our vibrant bouquet springs forth with a fountain of flamboyant hues situated in our pink butterfly embossed ceramic pitcher – a captivating surge of spring colors. $119.00 – $139.00. Shop now.

Double Beauty Phalaenopsis Orchid Garden – Double the Orchids, double the beauty. This gorgeous garden features a pair of Phalaenopsis Orchids, one white and one pink planted side by side, each rising to impressive heights and boasting multiple blossoms to the delight of your lucky recipient. The long-lasting blooms are cultivated by one of the world’s most experienced orchid growers and the plants are shipped in bud and bloom in our beautiful green ceramic cachepot adorned with petals. $89.00 – $129.00. Shop now.

Trendy and amazing, anyone would love them.

During 2015, Calyx Flowers became family owned and operated. We value our relationship with you, our customer, just like family. It’s important that you have a wonderful experience with us, from easy shopping to a beautiful arrangement arriving at your home.

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Save – 15% Off on Flowers & Plants. Use code: CalyxBest. Shop now.

10% off monthly programs/subscriptions. Use code: Monthly2022. Shop now.

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