Meet Me in Stockport at the Mind, Body, Spirit Event

I am out again! This time you can meet me in Stockport for the Rosemary Douglas mind, body and spirit weekend event. We have a large variety of exhibitors, including a few new ones. I will be there in my capacity as SpookyMrsGreen: the pagan housewife, and as Catherine Green Author, talking about my spiritual experiences, being a pagan mother, and telling people about my journey to being a published author.


Other authors include Christopher Gilmore, Stephanie J King, and Susanne West, all with differing styles of writing and lots of different messages to share. We will talk about ghosts, your higher self, your parenting styles, and lots of other related subjects. There will be mediums and psychics providing personal readings and stage shows, performers playing high frequency healing music, and a wide array of spiritual gifts, accessories and tools.


See you in Stockport!

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Having Fun with Instagram

I suppose I am something of an amateur photographer. It is not a career I considered pursuing, but since I became an established pagan lifestyle blogger, I have learned that I must study the art of including the right kind of photographs in my blog posts. It is very much a work in progress, and I do appreciate feedback from my peers (although please be gentle!)

SpookyMrsGreen at Blue Planet Aquarium

Anyway, I have become a little bit addicted to Instagram. It was introduced to me by a friend that likes to share her foodie photos and has built a lovely following of friends, some of whom she meets in person for social occasions. I think that is lovely. So I decided to join in. Many of the blogs I follow have Instagram accounts, so I started following those. Then I found some established business accounts that I like following. And now I am exploring and discovering indie authors, Gothic apparel retailers, and lots of pretty crystal stores and pagan interest Instagram accounts.

British PNR by CG - IG

Are you on Instagram? Follow me, and I will follow you! Find me at

I have to say thank you to my new friend in the blogosphere, Joanne Dewberry, who inspired me to write this post!

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Preparing for the Family Holiday

The date has finally arrived! Our Big Family Holiday is underway and I should (hopefully) be sunning myself on a Dorset beach, or exploring the scenery right about now. But, oh my goodness, it is rather stressful preparing for the journey. I mean, I had to wash piles of clothes, pack up bags and suitcases for a family of four, tie up the loose ends at home, and of course, update my business promotions to keep it ticking over while I am away. Phew!

Have Holidays SpookyMrsGreen

Well, I did the best I could while having the children under my feet. I am sure we brought way more clothes and accouterments than we actually need (it is only 1 week!). Mothers have to be prepared, however. It has been ingrained in us by generations, I think. And I had to prepare for a week away from home with cloth nappies as well. Our youngest is not ready to potty train, as much as we try. She will not sit on the potty, or the toilet, and if we try and force her she turns into a plank of wood, or something thereabouts. It is a challenge. So I have to take a mixture of nappies and training pants, along with cleaning supplies, so we can continue the battle. Some holiday, eh? Ha ha, the joys of parenting!

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Guest Author and FREE Book #ASMSG

Today I welcome fellow ASMSG author Carolynne Raymond to my blog, where she will introduce you to her sci-fi/adventure/fantasy novel, A Life Cycle Reborn. Read on for your link to a FREE copy of the book that you can read on holiday (I will be doing just that!). The coupon code expires on 1st September, so download it now!

A Life Cycle Reborn cover [387107]


Robin has found love, a rewarding career and she is at a point where the sky is the limit, however something is missing. Robin knows that she should be happy. She feels that she needs a change and ends up getting one in the most unusual way, her death… Take a journey from one average life to one that has been long lost, known in the heart but forgotten in the mind. This is Robin’s tale of uncovering a forgotten world in a passed life.


This scene comes from Chapter 9 at the point Robin’s husband, Kyle wakes in the hospital after being in a car accident.

A week has passed, and my old body, Robin has been laid to rest. Family and friends have come to give their condolences and things have started to quiet down since all of the ceremonies have finished. My parents are still taking time off, and my parent-in-laws, Liz and Roger are still in town looking after Kyle, our home and Smarty, the dog.

My soul is with Kyle for the moment. He is resting in his hospital bed, and I can honestly say that he looks much better than when he had first arrived a week ago. He is alone, only I am here watching over him. Touching his hand; I know that he is ready to wake. He slowly opens his handsome blue eyes to an empty hospital room. Daylight fills the room, and he can hear the soft rumbling sounds of the machines behind him and the activity in the hallways. He slowly looks around the room, a little confused and then slowly looks down at the hand that I am holding and sees the IV in his skin. It all comes back to him.

I can’t talk to him now, for I am nothing, and I know that he can’t see me, only I know full well what is going on in his head. He wants answers. Carefully he sits up in his bed, his eyes have adjusted to the light, and he looks about the room. This isn’t a private room, and there is another bed separated by a curtain. For the moment the bed is unoccupied, but Kyle can’t tell because the curtain pulled out; he can only see the wheels at the bottom of the bed and the bottom of that bed’s night stand.

He whispers, “Robin, are you there?” He waits a moment. My soul hurts for him. “Robin, are you awake?” He says a little louder. I touch his cheek and kiss his face, but he doesn’t feel, or see me. His curiosity is urging him up; Kyle was never one to sit still. He rolls back the sheets and moves the bed rail down swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. Just then a nurse comes in to check on him.

She says, “Great to see that you are awake, I am just going to check your IV, and we will have the doctor here to check on you shortly.”

Kyle asks her, “Where is my wife?” The nurse knows what has happened and she can’t give him the courtesy to say it. She tinkers with his IV and fails to bring herself to look him in the eye.

“The doctor will be with you shortly.” She repeats like a robot. Kyle knows something isn’t right and begins to get cross with her.

Kyle demands, “Is she in this hospital?”

The nurse murmurs, “I am sorry I can’t say.” She makes with haste to the door and that’s when Kyle’s temper makes its appearance. He sits up and rips the tape from his arms which is holding the IV line in place, unhooks it from his hand and arm, and then he unhooks the things monitoring his heart. Beeping noises start sounding, and the nurse turns, rushing back to him, “You can’t do that sir.” She pleads and tries to reconnect him, but Kyle isn’t having any of it.

He snaps at the nurse, “If you aren’t going to tell me I will find someone who will.” He starts to get up, and she is gently trying to ease him back into bed. Despite the fact that he is still recovering, his strength is more than she can manage, and he is wining this match.

Before Kyle wins his battle with the nurse his mother, Liz, and father, Roger walk in; Liz gasps and runs over to him, “Kyle” she says, and it is enough to distract him for a moment and the poor nurse re-hooks him back up to the IV and heart monitor and gently lifts his feet back into the bed and makes her exit. Liz goes over to him and starts to sob and hugs him as Roger stands behind her waiting for his turn. Liz looks up at him knowing that he is off, “Why are you angry? The nurses are only here to help you; you have to let them do their job.”

“Yes Mom, I know, but the least she can do is answer me, and tell me what is going on when I ask. I know that she knows and I don’t understand what the point in keeping it from me is? That is what pisses me off, I am a grown man.” Kyle is still fuming despite the arrival of his parents.

Roger speaks up, knowing that no matter what the approach, it won’t be easy, “Kyle, I am not going to beat around the bush, Robin didn’t make it, I’m sorry.” Kyle looks at him and then back to his mother whose eyes have turned red; a tear streaming down her cheek. Whatever Kyle was going to say has left his mind, he has no words and just stares at the two of them in disbelief. Liz shakes her head and gazes down, a couple of tears leave her cheek and absorb into Kyle’s bed sheets. Roger puts the bed rail down, sits on his bed and says, “I wish I had better news.”

“This can’t be.” Kyle says, but he knows deep down that this is the truth. The details of the crash come back to him. He knows. The three of them are quiet, and after a few moments have passed, Kyle gets the courage and asks, “When can I see her?”

Roger answers, “You have been in the hospital for a week; they have already laid her to rest.” Kyle’s anger turns to frustration, and he hangs his head down, trying to hide his tears.

ASMSG Free eBooks

Instruction to Get the Free e-book

1)    Click here to take you to Smashwords

2)    Click the yellow “Buy” button at the upper-right

3)    In the “Coupon Code” box, type REW50

4)    Click “Apply Coupon” (MAKE SURE THE PRICE DROPS TO $0.00)

5)    Click the yellow “Checkout” button

6)    On the “Thank You” page, click on the book title

7)    Click the yellow button with the appropriate format for your eReader!


About the Author

Carolynne [387108]


Thank you for reading this post. I love to read Fiction, mainly, Fantasy, Romance & Sci-Fi.

I have written and published a couple of books which are, “A Life Cycle Reborn” which is a Sci-Fi novel and “Newbie Author – This Chick’s Journey to becoming a Self-Published Author” which is a Journal of my experience on what I did to self-publish my first book.

In my spare time I love to fiddle in photography, painting, gardening and playing video games. I enjoy being creative and it is an escape for me.

You can follow my progress on Facebook 

Other Books from the Author

Newbie Author – This Chick’s Journey to Becoming a Self-Published Author


I have written of my experiences after self-publishing my first novel and have compiled them together in order to share. Each Chapter represents updates on my own journey over the months, this isn’t a how to book, this is a book of me sharing specifically what I did, my own trials, success and defeats into going the indie route in self-publishing a novel.

Instruction to Get the Free e-book

1)      Click here to take you to Smashwords

2)      Click the yellow “Buy” button at the upper-right

3)      In the “Coupon Code” box, type ZZ62K

4)      Click “Apply Coupon” (MAKE SURE THE PRICE DROPS TO $0.00)

5)      Click the yellow “Checkout” button

6)      On the “Thank You” page, click on the book title

7)      Click the yellow button with the appropriate format for your eReader!

Featured Image -- 4441

Thank you, Carolynne! That excerpt really sent chills down my back, and I will admit it brought a tear to my eye. I am sure this is a story that will resonate with many readers, and I look forward to seeing your feedback. I am off to load up my Kindle for my summer holiday now, toodle-oo!

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Birthday Daytrips and Fun with Friends

We had a very busy time last week. It began with a weekend trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium for our younger daughter’s birthday treat. Both my girls had a lovely time, and I really enjoyed it as well. We had to walk through the shark tunnel at least three times so my eldest daughter could ride on the moving platform, and actually I felt really relaxed in there, watching the sharks and fish swimming about and listening to the relaxing music playing in the background. I could imagine sitting in there out of visiting hours and doing some very healing meditation sessions…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that we took advantage of some nice, warm weather and took our children and dog for walks with friends. Just a short drive away from home is a place called Winsford Flash. It is an area of natural beauty where we can walk along the banks of the Weaver river. We walked towards Rilshaw Meadows, our girls had fun paddling in the shallow water, and Baxter the Staffy X ran around like a mad thing and kept fetching huge sticks for us. We really enjoyed our afternoon in the sun, and look forward to many more as the summer holidays progress.

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Baxter’s Favourite Beach

Hello everyone! Our summer holidays are flying by, it seems, and this week my children and I are very excited to be counting down for our Big Family Holiday. So far we have managed to keep ourselves busy. We have played with friends, we have been painting, making bookmarks, running riot in the garden, and last week we visited the Legoland Discovery centre in Manchester. Lots of fun was had by all and I do recommend it for children of primary school age.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This weekend we had a daytrip to our dog’s favourite beach. Baxter the Staffy X absolutely loves visiting Talacre beach in North Wales. It is a beautiful hidden gem, and the beach is dog friendly throughout the summer season, which is perfect for us. We set up our picnic spot and settled in for an afternoon of fun in the sun. The day started out quite grey and dull, and we got a little worried. However, as we drove closer to the coast, the sunshine began to show, the clouds broke up, and we had a glorious time. Even the sea was the perfect temperature for paddling and wave jumping, which is a first for us at Talacre!

How are your school summer holidays progressing?

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Get Your FREE Books for #SummerHoliday Reading!

Are you off on your holidays soon? Need some reading material for the journey/sunbed/beach? Well, take a look at the FREE books on offer from #ASMSG. We have a wonderful variety of authors and genres, from traditional to futuristic, horror to romance, sci-fi, fantasy and everything inbetween.

ASMSG Free eBooks

Take a look at my fellow ASMSG author C.R. Misty and download your free Canadian romance story for something a bit different.

It's Complicated

And if you want to immerse yourself in my fictional holiday town in Cornwall, download your FREE copy of It’s Complicated (A Redcliffe Short Story) to meet werewolf lieutenant Sally Frost and hear about her unrequited love for the Redcliffe alpha wolf…

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Merlin’s Magic presents: The Vampire of Blackpool

I am very pleased to share the August edition of the Merlin’s Magic radio show with you, where you can hear my excerpt from The Vampire of Blackpool:

Cauldron FM  – Merlin’s Magic Radio Show

Vampire of Blackpool quote #1

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This gallery contains 7 photos.

Originally posted on Lizzie Lamb:
Authors know how difficult it is to build a following of loyal readers and to gently persuade those  readers to review their book once they’ve read it. To help redress that, August 2016 has been decreed Write An Amazon Review…

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I’m a #CampNaNoWinner2016!

July has been a very busy, and very challenging month for the pagan housewife. I have run around being Mother, Wife, Author, Blogger and Business Professional, frantically trying to balance everything that is important in my life at the moment. One thing I was determined to see through was my participation in the July writing challenge that is Camp NaNoWriMo. And I did it! I completed my challenge, and wrote 30,030 words to finish the first draft of a novel I began writing back in 2013.

With a working title of The Vampire Hunter, and a very rough first draft completed, this novel is a long way off publication just yet. But the point is, I did it. I wrote another novel, and added another manuscript to my portfolio that I can work through at my leisure. It felt so good to be writing my stories again, after spending the past month or so focusing solely on blogs and non-fiction projects. The Vampire Hunter definitely needs a new name, and I will take some time to ponder on that later. For now, here is an excerpt, for your eyes only!


It was a tough fight tonight. Jennifer had expected nothing less, but still, she might actually need some hospital treatment when this was over. Her left arm was bleeding heavily, hanging at her side, her chest heaving with exertion. She didn’t feel pain yet thanks to the adrenaline coursing through her body, but she vaguely recognised that this was going to hurt later. Oh well, it was nothing she couldn’t handle. It was just another night in the life of a vampire hunter.

Jennifer! Jason yelled from across the room, Incoming!     

Her head snapped up as she realised she had been about to collapse. With a burst of energy, she blocked the punches of the vampire bassist, sending him tumbling to the floor amid the debris of the pub they had destroyed. The creature hissed and snarled, leaping to his feet and refusing to back down.

You will die for this, hunter! the monster screeched.         

Jennifer pulled her body upright with huge effort and remembered that she still held a sword in her right hand.          

Maybe, she agreed grimly, But not tonight.”         

She thrust the blade into the vampires chest before he realised what she was doing. He had been toying with the hunters, and now his own arrogance would be his undoing. Jennifer remained unemotional as the silver blade penetrated through a ripped, blood-soaked t-shirt and sliced into cold, icy flesh. It broke the bone and ended in the creatures heart, such as it was. The vampire stopped moving, lifting its head to stare at her in shock. Everything slowed down to this moment. The creature screamed and tried to dislodge the sword, but it was too late. His body imploded, falling limp and collapsing in a heap of ashes on the floor at Jennifers feet. She barely glanced at it before moving to her next target.

SMG Books Twitter Cover

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