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Tips For Strengthening Your Relationship

You may be happy in your relationship currently but are also curious about where you’re heading and how to make it even more rewarding going forward. Relationships are constantly growing and evolving, and you must learn to develop and change with them.

If you’re at a standstill or looking for ways to strengthen your relationship, then you’ve come to the right place. Apply these tips, and you’ll soon be on your way to experiencing more joy as a couple and taking your bond to the next level.


Make Time for Each Other

One tip for strengthening your relationship is to make time for each other and not let your busy schedules get in the way of love. Spend quality moments as a couple and have some fun, which will be helpful, especially during the pandemic. Find activities you both enjoy doing and that put a smile on your faces. It may take you back to the time you first met and fell in love and help you to see again all the reasons why you love the person so much. You’ll find you feel more connected and in tune when you make time in your schedule for your relationship and each other.

Communicate & Talk More

Communication and exchanging ideas and opinions is essential and the foundation of any relationship. You must talk through issues or problems right away before letting them snowball and grow bigger. Strengthen your relationship by communicating truthfully and openly and always being yourself. Avoid raising your voice or letting arguments get out of control. Instead, try to find common ground and a resolution you both agree on. Communicating is a chance to get on the same page and ask for what you need in your relationship.

Make it Official

You may want to consider moving in together or getting married as a way to strengthen your relationship. Make it official by planning a wedding and committing to one another forever. You may be hesitant if you’re in a long-distance relationship and dating someone from overseas. In this case, look into obtaining a fiancé visa so your partner can come to the U.S. and you two can live a happy life together. If it’s your soul mate and someone you love, you won’t want to let them get away.

Take Care of Yourself

You can strengthen your relationship with your partner when you take good care of yourself and feel your best. You can better care for others when you put your health and wellness first. You want to be confident and not let insecurities interfere with what you two are trying to build. Practise self-care by exercising, eating well, and getting plenty of rest and sleep so you can be the ideal version of yourself when you’re with your partner. You may find you get along better and that you’re not as prone to snap at them when you’re well-rested and have a lot of natural energy. You can strengthen your relationship with your loved one by strengthening your relationship with yourself.

Photo by Budgeron Bach on

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Arts & Crafts Available at English Heritage Shop

At English Heritage we have a collection of arts and crafts that are perfect for both children and adults. With a huge range of knitting, cross stitch, colouring books, painting, building and more, you are sure to find something for all ages, whilst also supporting a crucial charity.

Loved Embroidery Banner Kit

A simple piece of embroidery that can make someone’s day. This embroidery kit is a lovely gift for a friend and a piece of décor that can add a pop of colour to any wall within the home.

Our Price £8.00 – Click here.

Stonehenge Nanoblock Model Building Kit

Build your very own miniature Stonehenge with this micro-sized building block set from Nanoblock. This Stonehenge Model Building Kit is a unique 3D puzzle that represents the iconic and historic landmark and its surroundings.

Our Price £20.00 – Click here.

TOFT Crochet Kit – George The Dragon

This crochet kit allows you to create your very own cuddly friend. The kit includes everything you will need to make George the dragon, an 18cm tall cuddly dragon that is sure to be loved by children and adults alike.

Our Price £30.00 – Click here.

Wooden Model Kit – Medieval Catapult

Take over a fortress with this wooden medieval catapult model. Catapults were ancient and medieval weapons that were used to lay siege to castles and capture towns.

Our Price £15.00 – Click here.

‘We All Stayed at Home’ Embroidery Hoop Kit

2020 was quite a year… Many people turned to crafts to keep their minds occupied. This embroidery set features a sweet image of a home with the words ‘2020 we all stayed at home’.

Our Price £20.00 – Click here.

Enchanted Forest Colouring Book

This stunning new colouring book by Johanna Basford takes readers on a inky quest through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle at its heart.

Our Price £9.99 – Click here.

Quickfix Supermarine Spitfire

This fighter aircraft model comes complete with rotatable propellers so you can soar your spitfire high with pride!

Our Price £14.00 – Click here.

Build Your Own Model Stonehenge

Recreate the famous stone circle with this Build Your Own Model Stonehenge. Designed to replicate Stonehenge as it would have looked when it was first built around 3100BC, this unique model is a fun and interactive way to teach children about the fascinating history of the stones.

Our Price £15.00 – Click here.

Magnetic Roman Soldier

Create an outfit for this Roman soldier with this magnet kit. You can choose to make the soldier into a Roman Legionary Soldier, and you can then promote him into a Roman Centurion!

Our Price £7.00 – Click here.

Fossil Dig Kit

Teach them about the importance of fossils and inspire young palaeontologists with this Fossil Dig Kit. The kit has 5 fossils that can be excavated using the tools provided. It also comes with a storage bag for the fossils and a magnifying glass to inspect those highly detailed discoveries.

Our Price £12.00 – Click here.

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There’s a Vampire Hunter in Town! New British Paranormal Action

Several years ago I was asked by a fan when I planned to write a vampire novel set in my hometown. Not one to disappoint, I set about the task, and began to write a story from my vampire hunters’ series. As yet untitled and still unfinished, here is an excerpt from the novel. I think this might be the year for me to return to my task.


“Dr Worthington,” the man said politely as he stood before her.

She looked up at him without smiling. He wore blue jeans and a red checked shirt.  His blue eyes sparkled with power, and his short blond hair was carefully styled. She knew immediately that he was much older than the mid-twenties age range that he embodied.

“Yes,” she said, “Who are you?”

“My name is Kian,” the vampire replied, “Mr Vance is expecting you. Please, follow me.”

He turned and walked back the way he came. Jennifer looked around the room, but everyone seemed preoccupied, perhaps a little too studiously. Narrowing her eyes, she stood up and followed the vampire, her fingers flexing at her sides as she resisted drawing her guns too soon. The humans were most likely enchanted not to notice the vampires. It would cause chaos if Jennifer suddenly began wielding a gun and fighting with a powerful undead creature right in front of them. She found herself walking into a long corridor at the back of the building, and she noted the exit leading out onto the car park. Kian led her up a wide flight of stairs and stopped outside a brown painted door on the landing above the pub. This was it. He knocked once and then opened the door carefully. Jennifer had to follow. Drawing her guns, she squared her shoulders, let out a breath, and stepped into the room, keeping her back to the wall and the exit in sight.

Books in the Series

While this is a work in progress, you can peruse my published vampire hunter novels to whet your appetite. Click here for details.

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Protein Foods for Bodybuilding with Predator Nutrition

How is your fitness routine going? Do you have one? I know my brother is happy to visit his gym again this week now that it can open following the UK lockdown. He is a bodybuilder and has personal reasons for maintaining good health and fitness.

Perhaps you could benefit from trying fitness supplements and specialist food products to support your fitness journey. Improving your physical health needs a holistic approach, which means balancing a good diet, exercise and rest time.  

Take a look at these offers from Predator Nutrition.

Now I will be honest and say I thought this shop was all about sports nutrition, special shakes and supplements designed to help build muscle mass and burn off fat, but I was wrong. It caters for all sorts of dietary needs. Are you on the Keto diet and looking for some healthier snacks? Look here!

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Young Adult Vampire Fun in The Teen Game

Happy Hump Day! Here’s a little something playful to brighten your midweek slump. It is an excerpt from my first published short story, The Teen Game, featured in Devils, Demons and Werewolves under my maiden name, Catherine Hargreaves.


His mouth was a little sloppy I have to admit but it was certainly exciting to be embraced by such a young boy after so many years! I gradually showed him how to kiss me properly using my tongue, lips and teeth and then I felt his hands slide instinctively down my body, although he carefully avoided my breasts to begin with.  He was so innocent and clearly a virgin.

As much as I liked to torment myself with my little games, I was thirsty; I hadn’t fed all day and was beginning to feel weak.  His pulse was beating against my skin, and I kissed in a seductive line down his jaw until my mouth hovered over that delicate place, and I inhaled his warm, sweet scent.  Then I struck, quick, fast, biting a neat little hole and drinking deeply of his youthful blood. He cried out but it was muffled against my hair and I projected calming thoughts into his mind, persuading him that we were simply kissing and caressing each other, nothing more. He became still against me and when I had finished and pushed him gently away, he swayed a little and struggled to focus on my face.

When he spoke his voice was hoarse. 

“Whoa that was intense! So, um, I should get you home Liz.”

Buy the Book

The Teen Game: A Vampire Short Story is featured inside Devils, Demons and Werewolves. Click here for details.

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OLPRO Latest Offers – Favourites Now Back in Stock

Shop OLPRO’s Ten Best-Selling Products – with Savings Available Now on Tent Packages, Awnings, and more!

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Save 32% on Now Back in Stock Wichenford 3.0 8 Berth Tent – Was £590, Now Just £399 – Click here.

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Back in Business! Visit Goldstone Reiki at Cheshire Lasers

We are back! After another long and challenging lockdown, we are finally able to open shops and salons, welcome back customers, and look forward to brighter days. Book your reiki therapy session with Goldstone Reiki at Cheshire Lasers in Middlewich and heal yourself from the inside out.

Catherine Green at Cheshire Lasers in Middlewich

A reiki treatment with Catherine will focus on mindfulness and easing mental health challenges from a holistic perspective, encouraging you to examine your thought processes and perspectives and learn to heal from within. We all need a break from our busy lives, and she is here to give you a chance to rest just for an hour, so that you can recharge your batteries and calm your mind.

Book your reiki healing session today and take care of yourself from the inside out.

For more information about what reiki healing involves see this article.

Catherine holds the following reiki qualifications from the lineage Usui Reiki Ryoho:

  • Shinpiden (Reiki Master 3rd Degree)
  • Okuden (Reiki 2nd Degree)
  • Shoden (Reiki 1st Degree)

What to expect in a treatment?

So, what happens in a reiki treatment? Magic! All you need to do is lie down on the therapy bed or sit on a chair if you prefer, close your eyes and relax. The session lasts for around 45 minutes, during which time Catherine will channel natural energy that is freely available to everyone. It will permeate your body, clear some of the rubbish from your mind, and help you make sense of your busy life. Regular reiki treatments should leave you feeling more balanced, less anxious, and happier with yourself and your situation.

Price List:

Reiki therapy treatment – £25 – lasts approximately 45mins.

You will receive 10% discount on your first treatment and keep watch on my social media channels for special offer codes and other discounts.

Catherine is available at Cheshire Lasers on the following days:

Tuesday – 12pm until 5pm

Wednesday – 9:30am until 2:30pm

Saturday – 9am until 12pm.

Social Media

Join our mailing list and receive guidance for health and wellbeing from Goldstone Reiki: Click here.

Follow @GoldstoneReiki on Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Website

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The Vampire of Blackpool Tells Her Story

How does it feel to be a vampire in the modern world? Especially a vampire that has seen the world change over centuries, been at the centre of the royal court, and now lives as a recluse in the North of England? Here is an excerpt from Vampire of Blackpool.


Leaping up into the air, I struggled to ascend at first. My balance was unsteady, and my body felt like a lead weight. Gritting my teeth, I forced my mind to focus, and I managed a swift if unstable flight to the hospital. Fortunately, it was only a short distance away, but by the time I alighted behind a brick store shed in the grounds of my destination, I almost collapsed. I was starving. I was weak. I managed to walk slowly across the road and towards the double doors that led into the waiting room for the casualty department. There were ambulances and vehicles coming and going, but the pavement was strangely empty of people. All the busy life was contained within the building.

Staggering through the automatic doors, I gasped as a wave of sheer exhaustion poured over me. I was descending into bloodlust. I very nearly attacked the first person I set eyes on, but at the last moment managed to control myself. I was surrounded by beating hearts and succulent bodies. I needed blood.  As I leaned against the wall, my breath rasping, my eyes wild with hunger and pain, I became aware of voices approaching as two nurses hurried to my aid.

“Here,” one woman shouted, “Let us help you.”

Buy the Book

Click here for more details and to buy the book. Welcome to my vampire hunter series!

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*Artwork supplied by NEJ Photography

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Haven Holidays Last Minute Deals

We know that spontaneous urge to get away to the seaside – that’s why we have last minute holiday deals in England for every family, situation, and budget.


Our parks offer a blend of family-friendly activities and facilities, not to mention great value accommodation to suit everyone. With 28 parks to choose from, there’s sure to be a last-minute holiday that ticks all the boxes. We’ve also got you covered with our Haven Promise – ranked 3rd Best Travel Company by Money Saving Expert for overall experience in their Covid refunds survey.

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