Spooky Places to go to in Perth, WA

You all know why I call myself SpookyMrsGreen; it is due to my adventures and jaunts with North West Spirit Seekers. So, I have to share some spooky places to go to in Perth, WA., especially if you are hungry for a haunt! It has its fair share of ghosts roaming around, dishing out heebie-jeebies on the regular! If you plan to travel to Perth, be sure to look at the cheapest airport car hire in Perth. 

Photo by Antonio Friedemann on Pexels


There is an abundance of ghosts to visit in Perth. From the Fremantle Prison and the Fremantle Arts Centre to The Roundhouse and Shipwreck Galleries, it is creepy crawling with ghosts! The Arts Centre, which was alleged to be an asylum for the insane, is said to be one of the most haunted places in the southern hemisphere. Visitors have seen apparitions, dressed in vintage clothing, walked around the building, felt cold spots, heard voices, and witnessed moving lights. Whether or not this is true, you will have to check it out yourself!

Atlantis Marine Park

Located in Twin Rocks and partially open to the public, Atlantis Marine Park, rather than being haunted (it still might be), is spooky because it is abandoned. It’s an ocean theme park that was built in the ’80s and closed down in 1990. The park housed nine bottlenose dolphins which proved to be difficult and expensive to take care of, contributing in part to the demise of the park. The most noticeable remnants of the park’s glory days are the giant Neptune statue that has been tattooed with graffiti and several smaller figures of dolphins and birds. 

Kalamunda Hotel

Built in 1902, Kalamunda Hotel has seen some tragedies over the years, including the death of the original owner, Paddy Connesllt, who jumped off the back balcony. It is also haunted by a young girl who wanders around the hotel holding a life-rag doll and an angry 60-year-old man with a handlebar moustache. A beautiful woman in a Victorian dress and a man who likes to hang around in the shadows. If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, I don’t know what will! 

Swan View Railway Tunnel

Located at John Forrest National Park and open to the public, Swan View Railway Tunnel is a 340-meter long tunnel that was opened in 1896 and used as a railway tunnel until the 1960s. Later on, the tunnel was reopened as a rail trail in the John Forrest National Park and even served as a site for ghost walks. Rumour has it that this tunnel is haunted. Due to its poor construction, the tunnel was too small and caused breathing problems for those onboard trains passing through it. In 1942, a train driver was killed, and several others collapsed due to asphyxiation. 

The Leederville Hotel

Why not share a few drinks and a bite to eat with a ghost? The Leederville Hotel is said to be home to a spirit called Kanga. Apparently, they live in the tower room of the hotel, and he likes to wander the kitchen and corridors. They sound friendly, however, so maybe someone to add to your Facebook friends! 

Photo by Jack Gittoes on Pexels.com

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