#TheRedcliffeNovels Series

A pretty seaside town. A single woman. A vampire police detective. His identical twin werewolf brother. Life is about to get busy!

Jessica is excited to meet Jack Mason in her local pub, and they begin dating. She enjoys a quiet life in an English seaside town, running a bookshop with her best friend. Jack and his brother are police detectives and recently returned home from an undercover job that crosses into personal territory for Danny Mason. A criminal werewolf alpha sets his sights on the Redcliffe wolf pack, and Danny must defend his pack and his status whilst trying to keep Jack’s human girlfriend out of trouble.

They cannot hide forever, and Jessica will learn the truth about her boyfriend, his brother and her friends in Redcliffe. She will fight for them, fight for herself, and fight for the vampire that she loves.

The Redcliffe novels follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she meets a man and falls in love, only to discover that he is a vampire, and his identical twin brother is alpha to the local werewolf pack. She is dragged into their complicated and dangerous lives to her detriment, where she discovers that nothing is as it seems in the pretty Cornish town that she calls home. She uncovers her own secrets, and those of her supposedly human friends, but most of all she learns the true power of falling in love.

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