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Imbolc Blessings this #WitchyWednesday

šŸŒ±Imbolc Blessings! Celebrate new life, hope and growth. Can you feel Mother Earth beginning to wake after the long, cold winter? Our days will slowly lengthen this month, animals will begin to stir as they wake from hibernation, and you … Continue reading

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January Gardening Tasks that will Help You Keep Your New-Year Goals

For the last decade, January has carried a lot of responsibility. Being the beginning of every year, people set goals and expectations for the start of the month. This has led to the naming of Dry January, Veganuary or Blue … Continue reading

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Revealed: The most Popular Sex Positions in each UK City

Research by sex experts analysed Google trends data on 17 sex positions to reveal which ones are the most popular in each UK city. The most searched-for sex positions in London are as follows: The Top 5 positions in each … Continue reading

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Cast a Spell to Invoke New Energy and Improve Your Mood

Do you feel sluggish this month? Does it feel like Groundhog Day as you go about your daily routine? Maybe now is a good time to invoke new energy and improve your mood to embrace change and new adventures. You … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year – Free Gift With Orders at Wedgwood

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate, you can receive a FREE GIFT with orders Ā£160+ at Wedgwood. Treat yourself to some new tableware or find the perfect gift for that special occasion. Use code ‘LUNAR’ at checkout to receive FREE … Continue reading

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Dress Up Your Pet Day

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day! The dog in this photo is our old man, Baxter, who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019. He was a rescue dog and the best family pet we could ask for. You can … Continue reading

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How to be Still in a Busy World

Christmas is fast approaching, school finishes next week, and party season is underway. Do you need some quiet time amidst the chaos? Here are some tips on how to be still in a busy world. How to be Still in … Continue reading

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25 Tools for Self-Care and Wellness

As we enter the season for Thanksgiving, now is a good time to focus on self-care and wellness. Check out my guide of 25 tools for self-care and wellness that are perfect for Christmas, birthdays and beyond. (I earn commissions … Continue reading

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The Superfood Preventing Muscle Damage

Recent studies have shown that the rich nutrient and antioxidant content of blueberries can counteract the negative effects the body undergoes during exerciseĀ  Exercise has many positive effects on both the body and mind. However, a downside is that increased … Continue reading


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Online Abuse Silences Women

Online abuse against women and young girls is putting democracy at risk, according to a leading legal expert in the field of image-based sexual abuse, honorary KC Clare McGlynn. Clare McGlynn is currently advising the online safety charity South West … Continue reading

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