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How Modern Witchcraft includes Holistic Care

During my research about modern witchcraft and holistic care, I have realized that the two subjects are quite closely aligned. Popular culture sees the witch as a mythical old hag or a woman who is cast out from society for … Continue reading

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How Chronic Pain Impacts on Life

I joined the social network for A Chronic Voice earlier this year because I needed to find people who understand what life is like with chronic pain. Today I have written a post using the September link-up prompts, to show … Continue reading

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NEW! Twinings Tea Cold Infuse

1/3 OFF COLD INFUSE FOR WATER BOTTLES Our first ever cold-water infusion designed for your water bottle. Simply drop, leave, shake and enjoy… CLICK HERE. Twinings Cold Infuse and Starter Kits COLD INFUSE STARTER PACK Designed to drop into your … Continue reading

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Shamanism and the Modern Witch

Several years ago, I discovered the world of shamanism. Before then all I knew about it was the stories that came from Native America, and they were few and far between. I assumed that shamans were simply Native Americans. I … Continue reading

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Trapped in the Housewife Hole

I feel trapped. When I had my first child, I made the decision not to return to work after taking maternity leave. The job I left wasn’t a career. I simply worked part-time as a retail assistant (in a high-street … Continue reading

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End of Season Sale at Olpro – up to 50% off!

Up to 50% off on the end of season sale! Click here. Code: 0XZHWNRHA0NY Offer: 5% off all orders Start: 01/09/2019 End: 29/09/2019 T&C’S: See site for details. Click here. 32 Piece Astley Melamine Set RRP £52, Now Only £43! … Continue reading

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Back to School, Back to Mindfulness

My children have returned to school after their summer holiday, and finally I have some free time for myself. I tried to find ways of being alone during the school holiday, but it didn’t quite happen the way I expected, … Continue reading

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Clarks Kids – Beat the Rush! Free Next Day Delivery when you buy Kids School shoes – Ends soon!

Oh yes, we are finally at the end of school summer holidays, and our darling children return to school this week. My girls are back in school tomorrow, and I have to say I am ready for it. We will … Continue reading

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The Dogs that Save Our Lives #WATWB

Dogs are unsung heroes in a human world. Here in the UK we have a huge dog-loving community, and that extends around the world in many places. I have grown up in the company of dogs, and I always feel … Continue reading

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Not the Holiday we Expected

Our family dog died while we were on holiday last week. He had been ill for a couple of weeks before we went, and he had only been discharged from pet hospital five days prior to us leaving. I had … Continue reading

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