Ghost Hunter Diaries

You might wonder why I call myself SpookyMrsGreen. It became my nickname when I worked with North West Spirit Seekers. My work colleagues were fascinated by my hobby as a ghost hunter, and they used to call me the “spooky lady” when they told customers and clients about my interests. I was  upset when NWSS disbanded and I fell out of touch with my former ghost hunting colleagues.

SpookyMrsGreen Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter Diaries

Now I need to find new people to work with, and I want to share my Ghost Hunter Diaries with the wider world. That is why I decided to compile a book, which I will write alongside my fiction projects. For now you can see some of my #GhostHunterDiaries in the following blog posts:

My First Ghost Hunt: Ordsall Hall, Salford

25th November 2006 My very first overnight ghost hunt! I arrived at the site very excited and a little nervous, not least because I didn’t know anyone else there. I soon felt at ease with North West Spirit Seekers and … Continue reading 

My Second Ghost Hunt: Rileys Snooker Hall, Oldham

16th December 2006 This location has to be the most active place I have personally visited. It is here that I experienced my first physical ghost manifestations and the memories are still vividly etched in my mind! It is interesting … Continue reading 

My Third Ghost Hunt: Walton Hall, Warrington

13th January 2007 This was a very strange place to visit. As soon as I walked through the large front door I felt unwelcome and that its inhabitants did not want our presence. The spirits wanted to be left alone … Continue reading 

My Ghost Adventures Remembered #paranormal #ghosthunter

I have recently discovered the American TV show Ghost Adventures, and I really enjoy watching it! I used to be a fan of Most Haunted, back in the early days, but over time I grew to realise how much they … Continue reading 

Ghost Hunter Diaries – Bodelwyddan Castle, Wales – 10/04/10


On a recent radio show I talked about my experiences as a ghost hunter with North West Spirit Seekers. Here is one report of an extremely lively event, where our team contacted a whole castle full of ghosts… Wow!  This … Continue reading 


Photos from my Ghost Hunt Adventures #GhostHunterDiaries


As we move closer to Halloween, and my mind wanders to darker places, I am remembering my ghost hunt adventures from years past. Following a brief interaction with the blog My Paranormal Photos, I was inspired to search through my … Continue reading 


What Does a Ghost Hunter Do? #paranormalinvestigation


Have you ever watched an episode of the popular TV show Most Haunted, or Ghost Adventures, and wondered just how accurate and true to life the events really are? Well, I am here to tell you the truth. I am … Continue reading 

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