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More than Half of Women Not Warned about Pregnancy Muscular Pain

UK survey finds most mums experience aches and pains but were unprepared The nursery may be planned, the baby equipment already bought, however many women expecting a new baby don’t realise they may face pregnancy related back and leg pain. … Continue reading

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Today I Will Mostly Walk Like a Penguin

No, I am not going crazy (at least, that’s what my invisible friends tell me)! I am now approaching my final weeks of pregnancy, and what a strange one it has been. I really don’t remember as much from my … Continue reading

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The Strange Experience of Being Pregnant

Today I am feeling very pregnant. That might seem a strange statement, but I was awake most of the night feeling my tiny baby tumbling and somersaulting in my belly. It was very intriguing, and actually I did not wake … Continue reading

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