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Get in the Mood for Love this Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for ideas on how to create the best romantic mood this Valentine’s Day? You know what I mean. Candles, chocolates, fancy drinks, soft cushions to snuggle into. Check out my ideas on how to get in the … Continue reading

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What is Saxenda?

Are you struggling to lose weight? Perhaps you need something more specific than vaguely improving your diet and exercise routine. Check out Saxenda from Oxford Online Pharmacy and remember to always consult a medical professional before using these products. What … Continue reading


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How To Put Together The Perfect Outfit

Whether you’re attending a formal event such as a wedding, starting a new job, or simply looking for a change, learning how to put together an outfit is a key skill. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you may also find … Continue reading

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New Wednesday Addams Collection!

My eldest daughter has watched the new Wednesday TV series on Netflix and now she is determined to be like her hero. She will be excited (or not) to learn about this collection of clothes and accessories. The Spark Company … Continue reading

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Imbolc Blessings this #WitchyWednesday

🌱Imbolc Blessings! Celebrate new life, hope and growth. Can you feel Mother Earth beginning to wake after the long, cold winter? Our days will slowly lengthen this month, animals will begin to stir as they wake from hibernation, and you … Continue reading

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Make Your Business a More Caring Brand with This Guide

A kind and caring brand is more important in some industries than others, but it’s always something that people will look for. They want to know that they’re going to be treated as people who have their own lives and … Continue reading

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Latest Winter Offers from OLPRO + Luggage Deals for Holiday Season

Are you ready for a holiday away from the cold winter weather? I am not a fan of hot climates, but I would like to feel some warm sunshine as our winter season drags on. Plan your Spring/Summer holidays, update … Continue reading

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Looking After Yourself Is A Priority, Not A Second Thought

One thing that you should always do is prioritize yourself over everything else. Of course, if you have kids then this is an entirely different story, but you’ve still got to find time to look after yourself properly. No matter … Continue reading

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Reusable Period Products for Teens and Women

I remember “the period talk” at high school when I was a teenager. Girls were taken away to a separate room, told what to expect, and given a period starter pack courtesy of Always and Tampax. Does that still happen … Continue reading

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11 Best Air Fryers

Do you have an air fryer? Have you used one before? They have become a popular choice recently for people wanting to improve their home cooking skills and be healthier. Just before Christmas, air fryers flew out of the warehouse … Continue reading

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