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Choosing the Right High School

I cannot believe we have reached this milestone. It is time to apply for High School for our eldest daughter, who is now in her final year at Primary School. Excuse me while I cry in the corner for a … Continue reading

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Why Do I Write Paranormal Stories?

What is my fascination with the paranormal world? Why do I write paranormal novels? Let’s explore the human fascination with the in-human world beyond our reality. I have always been fascinated with the world of the supernatural and paranormal.  As … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Being an Overbearing Parent

Being an overbearing parent is not something that any parent ever wants to be, but sometimes that’s the situation you end up in. If you want to make sure that you don’t become the kind of parent who holds their … Continue reading

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What Does It Take To Cope With a Sudden Disability or Impairment?

Many people in the world will grow old and pass away without ever noticing any kind of disability or impairment. Perhaps they might feel a little sluggish when they’re older and maybe they might need a bit of assistance getting … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why I’m an Autumn Person

Autumn has sprung, and I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago. The air is growing cool and crisp, there is a hint of frost in the mornings, and of course, we welcome the season of … Continue reading

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How do we Inspire Our Children when we are Struggling?

Life is hard. It has been even harder during the past eighteen months as we battle through a pandemic and try to make sense of a new world. Old habits are stopped. New habits are formed. We do things differently … Continue reading

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What Have I Learned About Myself During the Pandemic?

What have I learned about myself during the pandemic? We are still living in a pandemic but here in the UK we are trying to pick up something of our old lives and get used to new habits because of … Continue reading

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Chronic Voice Link-up: Strong in Times of Crisis  

Welcome to September and our monthly A Chronic Voice blog link-up. Read on for my take on the September prompts. GAZING I must admit that I am not a summer person. Autumn/Winter is my season, and I am happy to … Continue reading

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4 Great Gifts To Get Your Husband

Father’s Day may be in June, but there is never a bad time to get your husband a gift. And who knows, maybe you are reading this at the perfect time with your husband’s birthday right around the corner!  Photo … Continue reading

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Why I Need Some Alone Time

It has been a long summer holiday! My children have had seven weeks off school, and I am ready for a break. We have enjoyed daytrips, time with family, a short holiday and welcomed our kittens into the household. Now … Continue reading

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