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Did You Have a Great Valentine’s Day? Suspecting Pregnancy Checkout

If you had a great Valentine’s Day, you might be in for a SURPRISE!! Why not put your mind at ease with Oxford Online Pharmacy. Oxford Online Pharmacy offer a range of pregnancy kits for those who think they might … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Pillows and Babycare Essentials from Niimo

There is no greater blessing in life than the arrival of a baby. If only babies came with an instruction booklet, everything would be so much simpler! At least that’s what we thought when we embarked on the wonderful adventure … Continue reading

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The Strange Experience of Being Pregnant

Today I am feeling very pregnant. That might seem a strange statement, but I was awake most of the night feeling my tiny baby tumbling and somersaulting in my belly. It was very intriguing, and actually I did not wake … Continue reading

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