The Strange Experience of Being Pregnant

Today I am feeling very pregnant. That might seem a strange statement, but I was awake most of the night feeling my tiny baby tumbling and somersaulting in my belly. It was very intriguing, and actually I did not wake up feeling tired, which is always a bonus! I think we were having a growth spurt, because today my stomach feels rather large and bloated, and I feel quite heavy.

Elfwood_Pregnant This is my second pregnancy. It also feels quite different to my first. My daughter is now 2 years old and currently at pre-school, which is a blessing because I do need a break from my little whirlwind sometimes! I truly appreciate the work done by our childminders and nursery assistants. I certainly couldn’t do it every day.  My daughter loves her pre-school, and she comes home singing and dancing after every session. She even spoke her first sentence telling her daddy that she had been dancing the other day. It was very cute!

Back to the pregnancy. First time around I read every mother and baby magazine I could get my hands on, and I became very familiar with the Babycentre website, along with several others including Bounty, Emma’s Diary and Gurgle. Now, strangely, I rarely visit those sites. I barely remember how many weeks pregnant I am, whereas with my daughter I knew pretty much down to the second whenever somebody asked me. Funny how distracted you get when you have a toddler and are developing a business.

Pregnant_belly_buttonI am loving my experience of being pregnant. Yes, there are some rather unpleasant elements that I will not discuss here. Fellow mothers will understand. I feel all sorts of curious aches and pains, most notably a recurrence of sciatica which thankfully has subsided for the time being. Today I am feeling a very heavy and bloated stomach, but I am alert and awake, so I will get on with my work while I am able. What are your memories or experiences of being pregnant? I think it should be celebrated. We are, after all, creating and nurturing little miracles.

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2 Responses to The Strange Experience of Being Pregnant

  1. e1aine says:

    What a lovely post. I look back at that time with affection, despite all discomfort. Enjoy it.

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