Today I Will Mostly Walk Like a Penguin

No, I am not going crazy (at least, that’s what my invisible friends tell me)! I am now approaching my final weeks of pregnancy, and what a strange one it has been. I really don’t remember as much from my first pregnancy, or perhaps I was just distracted by the completion and submission to publishers of my debut novel. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, my second pregnancy has really been a cause for confusion, intrigue and a curious delight as I experienced every twinge, every ache, every swollen limb and lots more.


The reason for my title is because I have noticed a change in my walking habits. At almost 36 weeks pregnant, and expecting my baby to arrive any time now since my first child was born 2 weeks early, my body is struggling to cope with the weight. I am not a big person anyway. At just over 5’ tall, my husband affectionately calls me his ‘midget.’ Looking at me from behind, you wouldn’t even tell I was pregnant, according to my family and friends. And these are the reasons why my body has struggled to carry an ever-increasing burden of a growing baby.

I have found that whenever I stand up, I walk like a penguin for a while before I can right myself and regain my balance. You know what I mean. I sort of sway from side to side, and waddle around, creaking and groaning as I move. It must be quite amusing to watch, but it is very awkward and just a little painful. I also noticed that I was waddling up the road on my way home from the shops recently. I’m sure that’s an attractive sight for fellow pedestrians and people in passing vehicles! Especially when I have to push my daughter’s stroller up the hill, and I have to adopt a sort of leaning forward, huffing and puffing gait because I have no extra strength left.


Yes, this pregnancy has been a cause for both pain and humour. I have loved every moment of carrying my growing baby, but my favourite times have been the recent ones where I can physically see my belly bounce up and down as the baby kicks and wriggles. This child is very active, which is fantastic, but also warns me that I am about to be run ragged by two little monkeys when I find myself home alone with the children and dog…Happy days!

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