Being a Professional Writer: My Story so Far

Just over 2 years ago I gave birth to my first child. At the time I was in a whirlwind of excitement about becoming a parent, being a newlywed to my long-term partner, and of course, publishing my first novel Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel). I don’t do things by halves! In fact, I think it was becoming a mother that spurred me on to finally settle down in my career. I had flitted about for several years trying to secure internships with newspaper conglomerates, trying to find magazine editors who would just give me a chance of showing my talent, and then realising how much I still have to learn about the industry and nature of writing for a living.


My biggest hurdle was lack of confidence, closely followed by a tendency to be easily distracted by other pursuits including hobby crafts and chasing ghosts, literally! Once I settled down and decided it was time to move forward and make a decent career that my children can be proud of, I started looking into it. I wrote my first novel and a couple of short stories. I found editors who were willing to read my manuscripts and subsequently publish my work, which gave me a massive boost in the aforementioned self-confidence. Then I began widening my field.

I wanted to be a professional writer. I wanted to earn money from writing and editing. Why should that be a problem? There are thousands; even millions of journalists and writers of varying persuasions all around the world and they manage to make a living from it. I hold a BA Hons degree in Film and Media Studies. Yes, it is a little vague. Yes, it was labelled the ‘burger bar degree’ by popular news agencies very soon after I graduated. How was I to know? I was naïve, but I am still an intelligent, talented, writer. I can do this!

So where did I go next? I looked at the possibility of writing for websites. That seemed like a safe bet. Sure enough, I found work with Suite101, and that was a big learning curve for me. But it doesn’t pay enough money to earn a living. I tried This started out well and I secured a couple of odd writing jobs. Then I realised that all the jobs I was bidding for were paying a ridiculously low sum of money, and yet again one that is not enough to earn a decent living salary. I had to find somewhere else. I found People Per Hour.

People per Hour appealed to me because it is a UK based business. It is basically a directory of professionals in all industries, who advertise their skills and trade for individual jobs. I registered as a freelance writer and copy editor. I very quickly landed a job. Hooray! It worked well, and I like the social, approachable, and friendly nature of People per Hour. They send out regular mailings to prompt me into action for work. They show case studies and advice blogs from people who work and trade in the community. I am currently developing my portfolio and setting myself up for a proper, regular work schedule now that I have managed to settle the childcare and other domestic duties. I am ready and raring to go! Who wants me?


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