A Day Out to the Hobbycrafts Show @thecraftshows

Crafting has always been a big part of my life, so it is no surprise that my daughters have inherited my love for creativity. My mum is a seamstress and fabric crafter, and while I have tried knitting and sewing in the past, my preference is with card making. I also dabble in bead jewellery making, but this has fallen into the background for now.

My mum and I make time to visit the ICHF Sewing and Hobbycraft exhibitions in Manchester and Birmingham. It has become a good opportunity for us to spend time alone together away from home, and reconnect with our passion for craft. Last week we took my eldest daughter with us. She first attended a Hobbycraft show with us when she was a baby, around ten months old, and this time she was far more involved with the activities. She discovered the joy of glitter and acetate stamping, PixelArt, and Decopatch.

It was wonderful to sit with my daughter as she tried out these new crafts and learned new techniques. We came home with Pixel Hobby kits, a new decopatch project, acetate designs to use with the glitter and glue that we already have at home, new paints, stamps, and all sorts of other goodies. I am already looking forward to our next Hobbycrafts event later this year, where we will prepare for the Christmas season.

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2 Responses to A Day Out to the Hobbycrafts Show @thecraftshows

  1. scskillman says:

    This is a lovely post; it’s so good to do creative things with your children and encourage them in this way – and of course it has a far-reaching impact upon their own inner resources, self-confidence and lifeskills for all the years to come. My own grown-up son and daughter have enjoyed craft activities at so many children’s holidays and clubs they’ve attended. We have a new Craft workshop now at our church which runs monthly on a Friday, and last week my daughter brought home a beautiful decorated glass lantern – standing on my table now as I write.

    • Thanks for commenting, Sheila. Yes, my elder daughter brings home a weekly craft project from her Rainbows group (Girl Guides) as well, which she really enjoys. It is lovely to see them take such pride in their work.

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