My Tarot Reading with Universal Waite Tarot

I had finished a Tarot reading for a client and was shuffling my cards prior to putting them away. Four cards fell out of the deck as I absently shuffled them while in a daydream. I turned them over, and their message was clear. It was yet another lecture from my friends in the Spirit world!

The Tarot cards were: Four of Cups; The Chariot; the Hanged Man; and Ten of Wands. From these my message became clear. I have become so wrapped up in human worries and issues during recent weeks, that I am in danger of setting myself back on my life journey. I will nip it in the bud now, correct my course, and stay true to my plan of action.

I banish the self doubt, for it serves me no purpose. Likewise I release the anger that has become unbearable this last week. I proceed with complete trust and faith in myself as a unique being. Join me on this journey, friends.

To further emphasise the message, I asked for a guiding card from my Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle card deck. I received the following:

Visualise Success – See yourself doing well in this situation, and have faith in a positive outcome.

Fair enough. The Fates have spoken! I am back on track and full of renewed vigour and optimisim. Thank you, Spirit!

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6 Responses to My Tarot Reading with Universal Waite Tarot

  1. harendragusain says:

    I would like to appreciate your hard work you did write this post, Thanks for sharing this valuable post. Tarot card is giving you a brief intro about your future. Tarot card reading is a process to know more about your love, health, education and business.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am always amazed at the accuracy of my Tarot cards when I do a reading, even on occasions when I don’t feel particularly connected to Source.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and liking it. I enjoyed yours very much and I’m now following.

  3. Christopher Norman says:

    Very cool. I’m 26 and from Connecticut, and I thought recently… I know how to read tarot.. I still rely on to interpret most cards, because I have poor rote memory, but some of them are my own interpretations anyway. I’m wondering is it wise to pursue a career or at least a business venture (granted I can save enough) opening a Tarot reading business under the general ‘psychick’ heading , complete with a neon sign and such? Or is it a really hard to thrive in field, regardless of your aptitude as a reader. Personally I feel energy from the deck , and when it becomes rather neutral I know to stop shuffling. The cards seem to ‘know’ what spread I’m doing , probably through my own thought/energy, which I always found interesting. Peace and kindness.


    • Thank you for dropping by, Christopher. I cannot definitively answer your question about pursuing a career as a Tarot reader. That is for you to decide. I certainly believe that you should remain firm in your intuitive readings. Perhaps you could research the industry a little further, and make some informed decisions?

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