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My #GoodEgg Nomination for Easter

I was invited to participate in the #GoodEgg campaign with Co-Op food. They asked me to think about the friends and family members that are always around to help, and for me to gift a box of chocolate eggs to … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Pagan Housewife

I used to think that being a housewife would be the most boring, mind-numbing job in the world. In fact, as a child I never appreciated all the hard work and effort that my mum put in to keep our … Continue reading

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They Grow Up Too Fast! #Parenting #Children #Motherhood

Not so long ago I was complaining about always being told to cherish every moment with my children while they are young, because they grow up quickly and soon it will all be gone. Well, now I am feeling that … Continue reading

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Tough Love with a Toddler

What I am about to share may well attract mixed responses from readers. The title says it all, really. Some of you may be aware of the struggle I have had with my second child, who is almost 2 years … Continue reading

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“No, Mummy, I want the Small Crisps!” #motherhood

Earlier today I took my children to the supermarket on one of our tri-weekly visits for one or two groceries. Of course, it never quite works out that way. One overloaded shopping basket and one abused debit card are testament … Continue reading

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Me? Oh, I’m just a housewife…

I have been thinking about the nature of my blog, where it is going, and what I need to do with it. A brief glimpse at my yearly stats told me that readers here are generally interested in my posts … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, You Can Make it Yours

Today draws to a close a very difficult year for my family, and an exhausting time for me. We celebrated a very quiet Christmas, and we were lucky to be able to bring my father-in-law home from hospital for the … Continue reading

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Ticking the Boxes of #Motherhood

It occurred to me earlier that my life seems to revolve around ticking all the boxes at the moment. I mean, I looked at my 11 month-old daughter playing with her toys, and I ran through a mental check list: … Continue reading

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Two Beautiful Girls, One Doting Mother

Today I am filled with gratitude and love for my two beautiful daughters, Elliot and Georgina. I know it sounds cliché, but the truth is that before I had children, I never understood the depth of emotion that parents must … Continue reading

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Combining Motherhood and Marketing is Hard Work!

Phew, it has been a crazy week! I have not had time to do much work on the computer in terms of networking and writing, because I have been distracted with a grumpy newborn and a demanding toddler. Even though … Continue reading

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