A Poem for my Little Girl #startingschool

Tomorrow is the day that my baby girl starts school. She will join her older sister, and I will be bereft. Here is a poem for my little limpet, my Georgina:


She’s been here before, they told me,

She’s an old soul, that’s for sure.

My daughter is now a big girl

My baby is no more.

We had our last alone day,

No more Rhymetime and Soup Café,

Together Time is but a memory,

Where we sang and danced and played.

And now she is at Big School

Our life is moving on,

Her sister waits with open arms

And I am left, just Mum.

The baby years are gone now,

My girls are growing fast.

But Georgina, my baby you will always be

And happy memories lie in the past.


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2 Responses to A Poem for my Little Girl #startingschool

  1. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Oh wow this is so beautiful. My biggest little started big school yesterday too. This brought a tear to an already emotional mum’s eye. Hope the first week of school is going well for you all lovely x

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