Thank You for being my Friend #WATWB

Thank you for being my Friend! The past few months have been tough, and I have been badly let down by someone close to me. I can always count on my friends, though, and never more so than when I am stuck at home nursing a sick child and I need help getting my older child to and from school safely. We Are the World BlogFest (#WATWB) celebrates special people and small stories of inspiration and hope in the world. This month I celebrate my friends.


My mum friends are a close-knit community. We came together when our children were babies, and we have supported each other through lots of troubling times. We have also celebrated the achievements of ourselves and our children, celebrated birthdays and festivals, and enjoyed social time to simply be adults. Even though we all lead busy lives, with the responsibility of family, work and home to navigate, we find time to be with each other, even if it is just for a quick chat at the school gate. And I know we are not alone. All over the world there are networks of friends that work together, play together and support each other when they need to. These communities are vital to our survival as human beings. Some people mistakenly choose work over life. These people invariably find themselves exhausted and ill, and often left alone because their friends and family give up trying to support them. We must work together and take turns to help each other when we need to. I know that I have been there for friends in the past, and I will continue to do so in the future. Last week I felt very emotionally and physically drained, and my friends were there to step in and help. They gave me company, they allowed me to take the dog for a walk while they babysat, and they bought flowers to cheer me up. Thank you, my friends. I love you, and I am very grateful for your friendship.

Thank You for Being my Friend #WATWB

We are the World BlogFest (#WATWB) focuses on positive stories no matter where they’re found. It is all about spreading peace and humanity on social media. All participants post on the last Friday of the month, sharing a positive news story that contributes to making our world a happier, safer, and better place to live.

You can find more about #WATWB over on Belinda Witzenhausen’s blog.


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Tarot Card Reading: Leaving the Past Behind

I have not worked with Tarot for many months, and it felt like the right time to do a reading. Picking up my notebook, I opened it to seek inspiration for what questions to ask, and I saw a spread called “Leaving the Past Behind.” This seemed appropriate given my current emotional and spiritual journey, so I decided that must be the spread for today’s reading. Do comment below if any of this resonates with you…

Tarot Reading_ Leaving the Past Behind

1, What I Need to Leave Behind

9 of Cups (Reversed) – You have spent a lot of time working on your emotional health, and it was doing well. Don’t self-sabotage now by throwing it all away on a whim. Take some time to contemplate your feelings and why you feel this way. Are you contributing to the bad feeling with unhealthy behaviours and habits? Remember the bigger picture. Emotion is important and powerful. Let go of the desire to suppress how you feel. Keep filling those cups!

2, What I Need to Take with Me

3 of Wands (Reversed) – This work has been hard, and you might look forward to a break from it. Be proud of your achievements, watch them take flight. Always remember how far you have come. Be advised that there is still some work to do before you can move forward in this situation. Think about your emotional responses, resolve your anger and frustration, and realise that you cannot progress until you have cleared the path. There is an end in sight, but you have a few more tasks to complete before you achieve your goal.

Tarot Reading January @SpookyMrsGreen

3, Negatives to Discard

Temperance – You are trying to balance an uneven workload. We are only human. We cannot do everything at once. Choose your preferred tasks and do them one after the other. There is no need to hurry. All will be completed in time. You are happiest when you are busy, but sometimes it is ok to stop and rest. Moderation is key in this situation. Manage your time wisely and you will succeed.

4, Positives to look Forward To

9 of Swords – I am wary of this card because it usually brings bad news. What positives does it show in this reading? I am confused about why it appeared in this position on the spread. Maybe it reminds me that I am not alone. I should reset my thought process and stop reading too much into a situation. Yes, the world is a scary place and I am trying to decide something that would change my life dramatically. But I am strong, and I will emerge victorious, whatever that looks like. Learn from your despair and your disappointment. Analyse your dreams, as they might hold some clues to your way forward.

5, Why a Fresh Start will be Good

The Tower – We rise stronger and happier after a fall. Accept that change is coming, and open yourself to its violent, cleansing power. Brace yourself and prepare for battle, but do not resist the change. It must happen if you are to progress on your life journey. Attachment often brings disappointment. Free yourself. You need a change.

Tarot Card Reading

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Is it Time to Make a Change in My Life?

I joined the social network for A Chronic Voice because I needed to find people who understand what life is like with chronic pain. Today I have written a post using the January link-up prompts, to show my experience of living with a chronic pain disorder. Click here to find other blog posts from fellow chronic pain sufferers, or #spoonies as we call ourselves online.



I feel a bit lost right now, and I don’t know what I would purge given the choice. I wonder how much longer I can continue updating my blog when I don’t see a massive improvement in followers and page views. Maybe now is the time to reassess my activities and purge a few of the less productive ones. But then I am emotionally attached to my blog, so I can’t give it up just yet. Maybe there is something else I can purge in my life?



This word makes me think of “seizing the opportunity.” I have not been presented with any obvious opportunities at the moment, nor can I find a way to make them appear. I seem lost in a quagmire of sameness, desperate for change but unsure how to make that happen. Maybe I am seized with fear and I haven’t realized it yet. Perhaps I am simply being lazy, and my time will come when the season turns to Spring.

Is it Time to Make a Change in My Life_


In terms of my chronic pain condition, opening my eyes has been both metaphorically and physically difficult. I have spent time in hospital with my youngest daughter with a query about her health that came about from a routine eye test. I had to explain all about my Lymphodoema Distichiasis to the pediatrician and nurse that treated us, and then it turned out to be completely unrelated to what I have. My congenital condition has apparently been watered right down in my children, and that is a huge relief.


The new year has brought with it a vague sense that I need to revamp my space. I am in the middle of stripping old wallpaper in my home, and I abandoned the job some time before Christmas, exhausted and beaten. My eyes cannot cope with the dust that is created during home improvement work, they hurt when I strain to concentrate on a task, and they hurt because I am tired. I need help, and I have asked for it.



My new year generally starts with grand ideas and visions for the future. This year I have had none of that. I have stumbled blindly into the new decade with a vague sense that something needs to change, but I don’t know what. Or rather, I do know what but I’m afraid to take that leap. I cannot envision anything changing in the near future, and I need to do something to make me feel happier. Hopefully a solution will present itself to me soon.

Redcliffe Novels Series Kindle

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Eye of the Tiger by Catherine Green

Jessica Stone used to be a normal human. Then she fell in love with a vampire, met his identical twin werewolf brother, and her life fell apart spectacularly. Meeting Detective Jack Mason, and his brother Danny, brought about a powerful change, and Jessica’s magic was released. Now, in Redcliffe book 4, she must learn to control her ethereal animal familiar, who lusts after the alpha werewolf, and will stop at nothing to use her human mistress as a tool… Or is that a weapon?

Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel)

Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel)

I looked at her and she gasped and stepped back, shielding the baby in her pram instinctively.

“Jess,” she whispered, “Your eyes are glowing.”

I shook my head and blinked furiously, forcing Suri to back off and leave me alone. The tiger disappeared with a growl, but she knew she would get her way eventually. I focused on calming the energy that was whipping around my body in an invisible storm. I did not need this right now, and Liz definitely did not deserve it.

The Redcliffe Novels series

The Redcliffe novels series follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she meets a man and falls in love, only to discover the hidden werewolf secrets of her close friends. That includes Simon Bunce, manager of the Ship Inn, who turns out to be lieutenant to the Redcliffe werewolf pack, and lover to the wolf alpha Danny Mason. He fights to protect his master from the ethereal animal familiar who threatens to claim their pack. Who knew the Cornish coast could be so deadly?

Eye of the Tiger excerpt 1

Find the Redcliffe novels series in bookshops and online and request them in your local library.

Redcliffe Novels Series Kindle

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I’ve Got the January Blues

Today is my birthday (subdued cheer). I have decided to postpone my celebrations while I play Nurse Mummy to my younger daughter. She had a couple of medical procedures in hospital earlier this week, and her recovery is painful and difficult to watch. There was nothing obviously wrong with her, but our optician referred her to the hospital for further tests following a routine eye check. You can never be too careful, and we are being well cared for by our NHS teams.

I've Got the January Blues

The stress of hospital visits, running a household, trying to give both my children equal attention while simultaneously training and settling our new dog has taken its toll. I don’t feel sad, but I don’t feel properly happy, and I am definitely not relaxed. I haven’t felt pure joy for a good few months if I’m honest. My family has experienced and continues to experience trauma, and we are simply wading through day by day. My experience is no worse or better than anyone else’s in similar situations. We have these challenges, and we learn to live with them. My husband’s poor mental health certainly exacerbates my stress, because I feel partly like his carer and partly like a single parent most of the time. Who will take care of me? My friends. I am very lucky and very grateful to have a wonderful circle of mum friends who rally round to help me with childcare, dog care and everything else that needs attention. Life goes on.

Front Cover Love Kills

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Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Phew! We have not stopped this weekend, as we have been celebrating the birthday of our elder daughter, Elliot, who is 9 years old today. Happy Birthday, Elliot! She had a birthday party at home followed by a sleepover and movie night, and we topped it off with a visit to her uncle and cousin where the children spent an hour splashing around in the hot tub. A very happy, very busy weekend. And now she must go to school on her birthday, boo! But she doesn’t mind, because our beautiful girl loves learning, loves spending time with her friends and the school community, and generally loves life.

Happy Birthday Elliot

It has been a whirlwind week in the Green household. We finally said goodbye to our little old Citroen C3 and welcomed a brand-new Skoda Karoq, fresh from the factory. It is so good to have a car made for the digital age! I love the way it drives, the spacious interior, and being higher up on the road for a change. But now I must get used to driving a big car, something I have never done before, at least not regularly. I feel like I have taken to it quite well… and it’s not a bad birthday present for me, either! There is a downside to all this excitement. Our younger daughter has been called into hospital at very short notice for tests to assess swelling on her optic discs. We are a little worried, but we trust our doctors, and we know she is well cared for at our local NHS hospital. Enjoy your week, my friends!

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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The Devil’s Child by Maria Zeferino

She couldn’t change the pain and trauma they had wrapped her in, from early childhood.

But she could detach from drama, a drama that was never hers, to become who she really was – the best version of HER.

The Devil's Child KINDLE

The Devil’s Child exposes years of hidden physical, mental and emotional abuse and oppression.

A child’s sad and painful journey.

Yet, an uplifting story of strength and victory.

Maria Zeferino Author



Maria was born in Portugal, in 1959, the eleventh child of her beloved family.

Her mum died when she was three years old and she was brought up by an unrelated family.

She got married at twenty- five and divorced at forty.

She was a Bank employee for twelve years, but lost her job at the end of 1999, together with thousands of colleagues, when the economic recession hit her country badly.

Through the Portuguese job centre, in 2001, she signed up for a four-month job in Southampton, England; the plan being to go back to her own country at the end of the contract.

But sometimes life has other plans and eighteen years later, she is still living in England.

In December 2014, she found a lump on her breast and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Two operations, six months of chemotherapy, one month of radiotherapy, a lot of physiotherapy, daily medication for five years, annual reviews and an amazing medical team behind her and she is still here, alive and grateful.

It certainly was an unpleasant experience, but it was also a learning curve.

She learnt to slow down and to treat herself the way she likes to treat others.

By learning to do that, she discovered art and abstract acrylic painting became her emotional and mental support through hard times.

By learning to do that, she allowed a deeply buried dream to come back to life – writing a book.

By learning to listen to and love herself, she gathered the courage to dig deep into old wounds.

However, this book is more than a dream come true; more than another step through her own healing process

The Devil’s Child is here as a message of strength and courage, to anybody, whose life has been tainted by abuse of any kind.

Maria Zeferino The Devils Child

Buy The Devil’s Child today – Click here.

Follow Maria on Facebook – Click here.

Contact Maria –

The Devil's Child KINDLE

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How to Cleanse Your Room

Cleansing the room is an important ritual for me as an energy practitioner. During my years of meditating, working with other empaths and mediums, and connecting with reiki healing energy I have learned how it feels when a room needs cleansing. Have you ever walked into a house and felt oddly subdued or depressed? Maybe it felt dark and dreary. Perhaps the space was cluttered with junk and you came away feeling jittery. These are all examples of space that needs cleansing. Sometimes it goes beyond the act of vacuuming and dusting furniture. You need to clean the energy, open up the space, and make it easier to breath and relax.

How to Cleanse Your Room

My easiest way to cleanse a room is using incense. I have incense sticks of various different scents, and I used them depending on my needs. For example, I will burn lavender incense to relax people and aid with meditation and self-care. I might burn sandalwood to help me feel more energized and connected to Spirit. I would burn a citrus incense to make the area feel physically clean and healthy. There are lots of different scents available, and you can buy incense cones or sticks. I like to burn a white sage smudge stick for what I call “deep cleansing.” I might do this once a week, or sometimes more frequently if we have been dealing with challenges at home. White sage is known for its healing and cleansing properties, and I have read in some medical journals that it has health benefits. Another favourite of mine is palo santo wood. These little sticks smell sweet and invigorating, and I feel that they help liven up the energy in a room if it feels stale.

How to Clear Smells from Your Room

Probably the most popular way of cleansing your room is using scented oils. A simple oil burner is great for this job. Add a few drops of essential oil to a small amount of water, pop a tealight candle underneath, and your room will soon feel and smell fresher than it did before, depending on the oil that you use. One of my fellow reiki students has been using frankincense oil and rosemary oil to help her husband recover from serious illness, and she highly recommends them. I decided to get some of these oils since I haven’t used them before. Do you use incense, smudge sticks and essential oils for cleansing? Please share your recommendations in the comments.

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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Settling a New Rescue Dog at Home

You may have seen my earlier blog posts about the struggle we faced when trying to re-home a dog late last year. Our beloved Staffy X rescue dog died peacefully last August having spent a wonderful eleven years in our care. My husband and I vaguely remembered the early days with Baxter when he was about three years old. Although he was house-trained, he had clearly been badly mistreated, leaving us with a dog that had panic attacks if you mentioned the word “bath,” hyperventilated if the smoke alarm went off or he heard a similar high-pitched sound, and never could resist the urge to steal food and scavenge on the streets. Back then it was just the three of us, with no young children or children’s toys to protect. We had time to work closely with Baxter and help him overcome his fears and settle in with his new family. Settling a new rescue dog is hard work! It feels very like having a baby, where you muddle through each day and learn on the job.

Baxter Timothy Beardface Green

After several disappointing responses from rescue centres and re-homing charities, most of whom refuse to consider re-homing a Staffy dog breed with young children despite our experience, I found a charity that was very willing to consider our family for one of their dogs. Warrington Animal Welfare met us a few times when we visited a couple of dogs in their care. They listened to our story, they accepted that we wanted a Staffy crossbreed dog because Baxter left such a big impression on our lives, but they were not pushy when we took a little time to consider if we could give the dogs what they needed. Eventually we found Marley, a two-year-old Pomeranian-Staffy X. Yes, I know, I thought it was a strange mix as well, but a breeder did this deliberately! Marley had not been mistreated. He had lived in an apartment with a young couple, and while he came to us slightly overweight and under-exercised, he was and is a very happy and friendly dog. He simply needs some training, lots of outdoor activity, and something to keep his brain busy. But he is hard work. He barks every time someone walks along the pavement past our house. He doesn’t travel well in the car. He has slipped out of his harness a few times, and he can jump over the fence and wall in our garden. He’s a Houdini dog! Marley is also partial to the children’s toys, and has already eaten three or four dolls, several Lego pieces, and even a USB cable (thankfully not while it was plugged in). We are having to relearn life with a young dog and make our adjustments accordingly. This week I have someone making my garden Marley-proof. I am also contacting a local dog training facility for advice. Despite the extra expense and the stress, I love my new boy very much, he has settled in with our family very quickly, and he is adorable. Thank you, Warrington Animal Welfare for matching us with our new baby.

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Experience Brick Week this February Half Term

Experience BRICK WEEK this February Half Term with a short break to LEGOLAND® Holidays.

Brick Week LEGOLAND Windsor

During February Half Term Legoland® Holidays will be opening the doors for families to enjoy Brick week where there will be 20* awesome rides to enjoy plus exclusive LEGO® building activities including fun Build Challenges, free building and even a giant mosaic. Experience all of these exclusive activities plus an overnight stay in one of the onsite hotels with breakfast and free parking all from as little as £249 per family (Based on a family of four).

Breakdown of this offer:

  • An overnight stay in an awesome LEGO® themed family room
  • 2-day Park entry to selected rides* including Driving School and Mia’s Riding Adventure
  • FREE LEGO gift for each child**
  • LEGOLAND® character meet and greets
  • Evening entertainment
  • A delicious buffet breakfast
  • Splash and play in the LEGO pirate themed pool
  • Exclusive BRICK WEEK Themed extras and activities – First Peek New LEGO® Models, Free fun Build Activities and Challenges plus Mosaic.

LEGOLAND Windsor REsort

Stay dates are from 14th — 23rd February – book now to secure your stay and avoid disappointment!

Free-for-All Friday SpookyMrsGreen

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