Free Nintendo Switch from EE Mobile #BlackFriday

I have recently returned to a favourite pastime – gaming. My preference is still the original platform games that I played as a child: Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and my all-time favourite Tetris. I love them! And now my children are discovering the joy of gaming as well, which I am happy to support.


Would you like a free Nintendo Switch when you upgrade your mobile phone contract? I know I do! Check it out over on the EE mobile website and get your brand-new Huawei P20 Lite with Nintendo Switch on the Essential Plan 10GB – for just £38. Christmas is coming, and this would make a fabulous gift for yourself or a gaming obsessed friend or family member.

Free-for-All Friday SpookyMrsGreen

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November Tarot Reading for Life and Love

Here is a Tarot reading for November, offering advice for life and love. I do hope you gain some useful insight:


1, Temperance – Balance is key in this situation, and you have perfected the art. Everything is under control – for now!

2, The Fool – Ah, what the heck, let’s just go with the flow! Whatever happens next is beyond our control, so why fight it? We might as well let events unfold and see where we end up.

3, Two of Swords – Despite your cheery demeanour, something is bothering you. Allow time for contemplation and make your peace with what is about to happen. A change is needed, and you cannot stop that. You must learn to live with it.

4, Five of Pentacles – Do you ever get the feeling you try too hard? They are not responding to your efforts, so why bother? You only end up worse off. Think about it.

5, Death – Another big change is about to happen, and you cannot stop it. Don’t try to hide in your safe little routine. You have work to do.

6, King of Cups – Sometimes your responsibility weighs heavy on your mind. Cast it away and allow yourself some time to rest. Take a deep breath, smile brightly, and move on.

7, Eight of Wands – Everything has fallen into place, just like you knew it would. You worked hard to set everything in motion, now it is time to enjoy the rewards. Move forward.


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My Crafty Children

My children are very creative. I have shared some of their crafts before on the blog, but truthfully it would take a lot of photos to share everything they have made recently. I mean, every day I spend ages picking up scraps of paper and sequins from the floor, tidying up scissors and felt pens, and admiring the new paper villages, dolls made from plastic bottles, and even the Playdoh models that my daughters are fond of making. They are fans of a TV show called Art Ninja, and that has helped inspire them with even more ideas for new craft projects. And there are regular visits to the Hobbycraft exhibitions in Manchester that we like to attend.


Now, my girls love to be creative with scrap paper and card, and they try to use items from our recycling bin as much as possible. I mentioned above that they recently made dolls out of plastic bottles, and paper clothes to dress them. But they still need pens and pencils to colour in their designs, they need scissors and glue, and they need embellishments. That is where online shopping comes in useful, and today I share with you a special offer from Craftstash: Save 20% Off All Craftwork Cards – use code 20CWC –

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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How to Find a Fun Relationship

Relationships are hard work. Humans are complicated. We are all unique, and we have our individual quirks of character and personality, yet so often we confine ourselves to very narrow avenues when seeking new friendships and life partners. I completely understand how tricky it is to meet new people. Yes, I met my husband when we were still teenagers, but ours was a match made of chance more than anything else. We still have to work very hard to keep our relationship healthy, and it has almost collapsed a few times. But that is part of the fun, in a weird sort of way. We learn to embrace both the good and the bad in our romance, as long as we come together in the end and feel happy with each other.

How to Find a Fun Relationship SpookyMrsGreen

Are you happy in your relationship? Are you seeking a new relationship? Maybe you find new friends and lovers using various dating websites and apps. I have many friends that use this process, and some of them have gone on to marriage and long-term partnerships. You could try a Suffolk dating site if you feel it has relevance or you fancy a change of scenery. Sometimes the best new relationships are formed over long distances, and then you can choose to come together in a whole new town or location. How exciting that must feel, to have the freedom to move about and try new places, meeting even more new people along the way. Because ultimately, we are a race of people that get bored easily. Our attention span can be very short, which I think sometimes helps explain why relationships break down. You can only maintain a healthy partnership with a lover if both of you understand how you want it to work and can make it work together. If one person grows bored of the other, it may be time to move on and find someone better.

The Christmas Party SpookyMrsGreen

As I mentioned before, there are dating sites in Suffolk where you can meet new and interesting people. We are fast approaching the Christmas party season, and if you work in a large or small company then you will have a group of people to celebrate with. What happens if you are a freelancer or you work from home? Then it might feel a bit isolating, when everyone else is going out and having fun, and you are left to party on your own, or with the aid of social media. Nothing beats a bit of physical human contact in such situations, I think. Then again, you could be an older person, perhaps you are retired, but you are not ready to give up your partying lifestyle. Maybe you are a divorcee trying to find your spark for life again. Well, you could try out a bit of senior dating, and you might well find another chance at love, with someone who is exciting, vibrant and totally ready to be with you. Go for it and enjoy your Christmas party season!

Free-for-All Friday SpookyMrsGreen

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English Heritage Christmas Gift Guide

It is that time of year again! Who here has already started their Christmas shopping? I have, and I feel quite pleased with myself. One of my goals with gift buying is to be mindful of the places that I buy from. That is why I choose to support local, independent businesses, and heritage brands. My husband and I are members of English Heritage, and we have visited some beautiful landmarks, castles and museums with our children. They thoroughly enjoyed learning about our history, and so did we.

Did you know that English Heritage have an online shop where you can buy beautiful, unique and traditional gifts? You can even get special offers, like 10% off all orders when you spend over £35 – use the code GEN10PE – and click here:

Or, if you spend £45, you can receive £6 off your order. Use the code GEN06PO – and click here: Happy shopping!

Free-for-All Friday SpookyMrsGreen

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All We Have is Now

I am feeling a lot of emotion at the moment. You might have seen my previous blog post about the importance of precious memories, and perhaps you have followed my posts during the past few weeks as I experienced grief, and the stark contrast between life and death. On the pagan calendar, the wheel of the year, we are currently in the dark time. Nights are long, days are dull, the weather grows colder, and traditionally this is the time to stack up your fire, make you home as cosy as you can, and hibernate for a few months, only emerging to find food and maybe take a little fresh air so you don’t fall ill. Nowadays of course, life is far more frantic, and we live in a world of electric light, constantly connected to the Internet, and always hurrying to do one job or another.

When I first began studying the practice of mindfulness many years ago, I struggled to properly understand how it works, or what it is. I thought it was about rest and recuperation, but it encompasses so much more. Mindfulness is the process of slowing down and savouring the moment, whether that be actually tasting your morning mug of coffee rather than gulping it down, or spending time with people you care about. Yes, it does mean that you should take time to meditate and sit quietly in your own space, uninterrupted and disconnected from the busy world. But it means recognising what is important to you, and what you really want to focus on, at this exact moment in time. What makes you happy, and what leaves you feeling fulfilled?

I am happy being mother and being able to spend time with my children. Yes, I do yearn to have a “proper job” that will bring a regular, sustainable income, but far stronger is the urge to be at home and able to give my children as much time as possible. The same goes for being free to spend time with my friends and family. They know that I am around, and that I am mostly able to offer time and a supporting shoulder when they need it. This is important. My role is that of supporter, carer, nurturer, and spiritual guide. And to balance that out, I ensure that I have time alone when I need it, that I continue to write and publish my novels because they make me happy, and that I do whatever other activities I feel compelled to do at a given time. What are you doing today? Will you do it as a chore or as an absorbing activity?

 Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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Memories are Precious

Do you remember your happiest moments in life? What about your worst moments? Who stood by you during those times, experiencing both the joys and the sorrows? I can imagine that those answers vary greatly, and each provide our unique experience in life and death. Because that is the point of it all, isn’t it? We go through life making memories and trying new experiences. Some are more exciting than others. Some are more devastating. All these life experiences leave us spiritually richer and wiser.

I learned a huge lesson during the past couple of months. I am still considered young, not yet forty, and I am fortunate to still have all of my close friends and family alive and mostly in good health. But I attended the funeral of my friend’s mother recently, and I am grieving. I hadn’t seen her mother for a long time, but I knew about her life through her daughter. We talked, and continue to talk, about everything that is important to us: children, husbands, careers, family. And it got me thinking about my mum. She is my anchor, my support, my refuge when life gets tough. We don’t live close to each other anymore, and she is mostly housebound due to disability, but she still manages to have my children stay with her for a weekend or a few days during school holidays. She does this so that I can have a break and take time for me. She has always been there for me, and I cannot imagine a time when she won’t be there. But because she is ill, her time is most probably limited. She takes a lot of strong medication, and I know that it isn’t good for her body. So, we must make our memories while we can. We already have lots of happy memories together and will continue to enjoy the time that we have.

There are lots of other precious memories that I recall fondly, especially with another close friend who lives with a serious and dangerous health condition. She has Type 1 diabetes, a genetically inherited disease. We have many years of memories to share, from working together at our local chip shop, working together at our local theme park, nights out with friends, day trips, and our visits to watch Bonjovi perform in concert. Oh yes, very precious memories indeed! Then there are the early holidays that we took with our children, staying in caravans and visiting the seaside, nursing each other through marital challenges and our respective health challenges. When I think about all these memories, I smile fondly and my heart swells with love. We will make plenty more memories for as long as we can, but if it should all end tomorrow, we have made it worthwhile. Life is for living!

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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Heart of the Vampire (A Redcliffe Novel) Book 5

My newest book is live, hooray! Check it out today:

Heart of the Vampire a Redcliffe Novel

It is almost Halloween in Redcliffe, Cornwall, and Jessica Stone is not the woman she used to be. Her summer was hijacked by werewolves, she fell in love with a vampire, and now she is learning how to be a witch, and what it means to celebrate Samhain with her new coven. Her vampire boyfriend, Jack Mason, is busy at work as a police detective, and his identical twin brother Danny, the werewolf alpha, refuses to let go of the woman he has chosen to protect his pack. 

Jessica must learn about control, power, and the love that she truly feels for her vampire boyfriend and his brother. 

Heart of the Vampire Excerpt #1

The Redcliffe novels series follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she meets a man and falls in love, only to discover the hidden werewolf secrets of her close friends. That includes Simon Bunce, manager of the Ship Inn, who turns out to be lieutenant to the Redcliffe werewolf pack, and lover to the wolf alpha Danny Mason. He fights to protect his master from the ethereal animal familiar who threatens to claim their pack. Who knew the Cornish coast could be so deadly?

HotV Halloween advert

Find #TheRedcliffeNovels series in bookshops and online and request them in your local library. For buy links and more details, visit Catherine Green at You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @SpookyMrsGreen.

Redcliffe Novels 2017

Buy from Amazon UK <> Buy from Amazon US <> Buy from Smashwords <>

Buy from NOOK Books (Barnes & Noble) <> Buy from Kobo

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Making the Most of Your Blog

I love my blog. I love writing articles, researching new topics, and sharing my perspective on subjects that matter to me. SpookyMrsGreen has evolved into the Pagan Housewife brand over the course of several years. It began as an author blog, started on the advice of my book publisher when I launched my debut novel. But it soon became something quite different. It became a parenting blog, a lifestyle blog, a pagan blog. And then I had to think about how to make it work as a small business.

You see, writing and operating a blog takes a lot of hard work and effort. It may look like we just throw up some words, people read the articles, share and comment, and we move on. But in truth, we as writers think very carefully about the content we produce. Especially if writing is our career of choice. We need to earn a living, at the end of the day, and many bloggers have found a way to do this using their talent for writing and networking on social media platforms. Blogger outreach has become quite a key strategy for businesses in recent years, and it continues to grow.


Blogger outreach is something that larger businesses, and indeed smaller ones, have begun to include in their corporate strategy for marketing and sales growth. Think about it: you have a niche product that you want to sell to a lot of people. You find a blog that talks about products like yours, or services similar to yours, and then you approach the blogger and ask them to share it with their audience. You can reach out to a whole new audience that might not have heard about your brand or might only be considering it. If their favourite blogger begins to talk about it, share it, and enthuse about it on social media, then they immediately want to buy into it.

Do you have a blogger outreach strategy? It took me a few years to learn about the idea of turning my blog into a business, and I am still learning. We all make mistakes, and we all must start somewhere. The good news is that you can find all the resources you need if you look for them. My blog began as a means to share my books with the world. Then it morphed into a diary of my adventures in parenting and being pregnant. Now it is my space to share parenting lifestyle, toy and product reviews, pagan lifestyle advice, and mindful living. Those are the important areas of my life now. What are yours, and how can you turn them into a viable small business that enables you to work from home? Think about it. The possibilities are endless, in a connected and socially engaged world with many diverse communities. You can always find your tribe, and your business associates, no matter what specialty your line of work involves.

Free-for-All Friday SpookyMrsGreen

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Happy Halloween from SpookyMrsGreen!

It feels like a good time to lighten the mood, and today I say Happy Halloween, my friends! There have been so many developments during the past year, and some of them very serious, that I feel we need to celebrate our lives as they are now, in all their messy, glorious, colourful chaos. Today is about birthday celebrations for a few friends of mine and my daughters, and we are preparing to attend a fun birthday party later. Our Halloween is all about spending time with friends and family and celebrating the beauty of life and death. Samhain blessings to the pagans and witches out there!

Happy Halloween from SpookyMrsGreen and NEJ Photography

Happy Halloween from NEJ Photography

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