Is it Time to Make a Change in My Life?

I joined the social network for A Chronic Voice because I needed to find people who understand what life is like with chronic pain. Today I have written a post using the January link-up prompts, to show my experience of living with a chronic pain disorder. Click here to find other blog posts from fellow chronic pain sufferers, or #spoonies as we call ourselves online.



I feel a bit lost right now, and I don’t know what I would purge given the choice. I wonder how much longer I can continue updating my blog when I don’t see a massive improvement in followers and page views. Maybe now is the time to reassess my activities and purge a few of the less productive ones. But then I am emotionally attached to my blog, so I can’t give it up just yet. Maybe there is something else I can purge in my life?



This word makes me think of “seizing the opportunity.” I have not been presented with any obvious opportunities at the moment, nor can I find a way to make them appear. I seem lost in a quagmire of sameness, desperate for change but unsure how to make that happen. Maybe I am seized with fear and I haven’t realized it yet. Perhaps I am simply being lazy, and my time will come when the season turns to Spring.

Is it Time to Make a Change in My Life_


In terms of my chronic pain condition, opening my eyes has been both metaphorically and physically difficult. I have spent time in hospital with my youngest daughter with a query about her health that came about from a routine eye test. I had to explain all about my Lymphodoema Distichiasis to the pediatrician and nurse that treated us, and then it turned out to be completely unrelated to what I have. My congenital condition has apparently been watered right down in my children, and that is a huge relief.


The new year has brought with it a vague sense that I need to revamp my space. I am in the middle of stripping old wallpaper in my home, and I abandoned the job some time before Christmas, exhausted and beaten. My eyes cannot cope with the dust that is created during home improvement work, they hurt when I strain to concentrate on a task, and they hurt because I am tired. I need help, and I have asked for it.



My new year generally starts with grand ideas and visions for the future. This year I have had none of that. I have stumbled blindly into the new decade with a vague sense that something needs to change, but I don’t know what. Or rather, I do know what but I’m afraid to take that leap. I cannot envision anything changing in the near future, and I need to do something to make me feel happier. Hopefully a solution will present itself to me soon.

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5 Responses to Is it Time to Make a Change in My Life?

  1. I’m familiar with the feelings you describe – especially in January! It has to be the longest, dullest month of the whole year. Things often start to shift in spring. Let’s hope it’s a change for the better.
    Oh, and don’t give up your blog! I, for one, enjoy your posts. 🙂

  2. Sheryl Chan says:

    Thanks for joining us once again Catherine. Love reading your thoughts, and can relate. Keep your blog is my vote! I mean you don’t have to keep it active for now, take a nice break for yourself 🙂 But it’s something you can always come back to. And the linkups will be here for you, along with the people in it x

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