That was a Long Easter Holiday!

Phew! My children are back in school today after a two-week holiday, and I have to say I am relieved to have a break. I mean, I love my children, of course I do, but this holiday has been completely full-on. They have been grumpy, demanding, adorable, ill, amusing and entertaining all at the same time. We had our first confirmed case of headlice which has caused huge distress and taken a lot of my time in treatment and washing just about everything in the house. Eww! My youngest daughter also suffers from bowel problems, and when I struggled to get her repeat prescription from our doctors (long story), it had repercussions that will play out for at least the next week.


I was a little upset that we couldn’t afford a holiday away from home, but we stayed with my mum in her new house for a long weekend, and that was lovely. It was nice to catch up with my mum properly when the children were in bed, I had some time with a close friend that I don’t see very often, and my girls had lots of fun and games with their Nanny. We enjoyed a lively Easter party at a friend’s house, and I was very glad to see my “Mummy friends” while the children played. But I think the highlight of our Easter holiday was that we got to meet Sky and Marshall from Paw Patrol. Oh yeah, we are a rock n roll family!

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2 Responses to That was a Long Easter Holiday!

  1. jebjork says:

    My niece and nephew would have loved to go with you to see Marshall and Sky!

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