My Third Ghost Hunt: Walton Hall, Warrington

13th January 2007

This was a very strange place to visit. As soon as I walked through the large front door I felt unwelcome and that its inhabitants did not want our presence. The spirits wanted to be left alone but we couldn’t help but interfere with all good intentions.

Our Medium channelled a Lady in one of the bedrooms. It was very strange watching him take on a female persona and I could almost see her superimposed over his body like a shadow. She was not happy that we were in her room and she took a particular dislike to one of the men in our group. She was generally very hostile. In the same room we contacted a slave boy named Charles using glass divination. He was afraid of the Lady and didn’t speak to us for very long.


In another room the glass we were using starting twisting under our fingertips and we spoke to the mother of one of the men in our group. It was very strong. We then asked if my friend’s deceased sister was present with us. The glass seemed to hesitate and then moved very weakly as though the spirit was struggling to gain enough strength to move it.

Later in the hallway we decided to attempt table tipping and the table was pushed about a foot across the floor. During the whole of this investigation I felt very unwelcome and could almost feel the spirits pushing us out of the house. I actually would not want to revisit this venue because I know that they just want to be left in peace and I do not want to disturb them again.

Picture 001

*** I actually visited this venue for a Mind, Body and Spirit event in 2012, and the atmosphere was totally different. It was light, friendly and welcoming, although I feel this was because the living visitors purposely avoided communicating with the dead. I simply gave my regards, and moved about respectfully as I enjoyed the day.

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