Giving Thanks for Lessons Learned

This week our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving, and I like to give thanks for my blessings as we slip into the dark season. My family is experiencing more trauma, but it was expected, and we can get through this. I am thankful to have a large, loving family. We may not see each other regularly, but we keep in touch using social media and the “Nanna” hotline. When one of us is suffering, the others are there to offer love and support. It might seem overbearing to some, but it is our way of showing that we care. And I send love to my mum, my aunts and especially my uncle at this difficult time.

We have almost reached the end of another decade, and as I look back over the past ten years, I realize that I have been through a lot. This decade saw me through my thirties (with a couple of years to spare!), and I have achieved many of life’s rites of passage. I got married to my long-term fiancé. We are still happily married, but it has been a rough ride. We like to challenge each other every day, even when we don’t mean to, but our love is strong, and we refuse to give up when events try to separate us. I have experienced two healthy pregnancies resulting in two very healthy, happy daughters. Having seen how fragile life can be in its early stages, I cannot express how thankful I am for my beautiful children. We have loved and lost several pets during the past ten years, including five turtles and our beloved dog.

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Then there are the other challenges of life. My husband and I have battled through work and financial troubles. It is slowly improving, but the economy is tough and there is always room for improvement. I have developed my experience as a qualified Reiki practitioner, and I intend to continue deepening my practice during the next ten years and beyond. I have been steadily growing my small business, and while it is a long way off being a sustainable career, I can see the improvements and the results of my hard work. And then there are my books. I am still writing book 6 in the Redcliffe novels series. This will conclude a project that has taken ten years to write and publish, but which also took ten years to grow in my mind before I dared to write even a word on the computer. I was a reluctant author, but I am so very glad that I achieved a life-long dream.

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And so, we look forward to 2020 and a fresh start. We will say our goodbyes before the year is out, and we feel great sadness at this time. Life and death are so closely entwined, and we drift between darkness and light so frequently that we often fail to see it. Instead we look to the light. We seek the promise of a new adventure, a new experience, and a new challenge. We let go of what no longer serves us, and we move forward with hope. Love drives us to achieve and grow. I am thankful to be alive, and I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends. I am thankful for you.

Giving Thanks for Lessons Learned

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  1. Familial support is always comforting

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