Crystals and Sage

There is a lot of trauma happening in the world right now, and especially within my circle of family and friends. We are experiencing grief, anxiety, job insecurity and the daily struggle with chronic health conditions. Well, that last one is mostly me.

I am struggling with ingrowing eyelashes again. It is a condition I was born with, and one for which I have received many surgical procedures, different medications and other treatments. And this week my left eye is really sore. I just want to pull it out! But enough of that. I am helping a friend through bereavement, and I am working through long term mental health challenges with myself and close family members. There is a lot of heavy emotional activity.

How do we cope with this? We are all human, we laugh and cry, we shout and smile, we hide from the troubles, and we go out and fight them. Sometimes all we can do is simply keep calm and carry on, to coin the old wartime mantra.

One of my coping mechanisms as a witch is to use crystal therapy. I have researched the science behind crystals, and learned about their individual energy fields, so that I can instinctively choose which crystal will help me when I need it. And they look so pretty! I like to burn sage in my house to clear the air as well, especially when my husband is having a down day with his mental health, or when I have been in the company of what I call “energy vampires.” The sage smells lovely and wholesome, and I find myself mesmerized by the smoke as it curls and wafts around the room. Sometimes I will recite a little spell or incantation while I smudge, and other times I invite my daughters to help me. They love smudging with sage and are brilliant at helping to settle my aura when I feel short tempered or jittery.

How do you cope with the stress of daily life? Do you have a ritual or tool that helps? Please share in the comments below.

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