#AtoZChallenge S is for Spiritual

The idea of being spiritual holds different meanings for everybody. Many people, when hearing the word spiritual, will associate it with religion. I have learned that to be spiritual does not mean to be religious. They are two separate entities, although they do entwine very closely because they are such important belief systems for the people involved.

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I am a spiritual being, but I do not consider myself to be religious. Spirituality to me is something that we feel, deep inside, and that we can never truly describe to another person. It is deeply personal, very intimate, and very special. It is the essence of life that keeps us motivated, that encourages us to move around in our quest for various achievements in our human lives. Why do we do the things that we do? What drives us to succeed with our passions, our talents, our desires? I believe it is this mysterious entity called Spirit. It is without form, because it exists within us all, but we experience it in different ways so that we can make sense of it. I see Spirit as a mist, ever present in our daily lives, encompassing everything that we are, and everything that we do. But I cannot explain what that is, or why. Do you know what spirituality is?

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11 Responses to #AtoZChallenge S is for Spiritual

  1. Robin Rivera says:

    I’m very much an outdoor person, and I tend to feel most spiritual when I’m in a forest. I think it makes me a better person when I’m spending more time close to nature.

  2. scskillman says:

    Thank you for this post Catherine; a subject very close to my heart. I believe “spiritual” may be defined as a sensitivity to the invisible world, whether that be seen as “within” or “outside” us. I am particularly fascinated by the relationship between spirituality and place. This connects to the awareness of the Celtic Christians that some places are “thin places” where the veil between this world and the spiritual world is thin. This applies to all sorts of places which have numinous quality e.g. Lindisfarne/Holy Island, or Iona, or St Cuthbert’s tomb in Durham Cathedral, or Cheddar Gorge, or Wells Cathedral. I agree there’s a big difference between “spiritual” and “religious” but mostly in the sense of the word “religiosity” which has negative connotations. Many of the world’s greatest mystics and visionaries have come from within “organised” religion (e.g. Catholicism, Judaism, mystical branches of Islam, Hinduism etc). The great mystics of many different faiths share the same perception of reality.
    I am reminded of something Rabbi Lionel Blue wrote: “Eternity is all around us. Part of us inhabits it already.”

  3. You are welcome, Sheila. Oh yes, the spirituality of place is a wonderfully intriguing subject. I always pick up a “feeling” for a place when I visit somewhere new. Some places feel nice and warm, some feel oppressive, and others feel different again. All those spiritual beings, all those memories, all those people…

  4. I.L. Wolf says:

    I completely agree with the philosophy of being spiritual rather than religious. I feel like it is being connected to the larger universe, and understanding that we are a tiny part, just like all of the billions of billions of other tiny parts.

    A Bit to Read

  5. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    Excellent description of spirituality. I consider myself very spiritual but don’t know that I’d know how to define it… Spirituality to me is a search for meaning, a search for understanding that which is bigger than us…guided by a higher power.
    Great post!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. Mary Lou says:

    I’ve come to be comfortable with being ‘spiritual’ rather than religious. Looking back, I never was religious even though raised in a catholic environment. The way of Jesus inspired me and moved me towards ‘life in the spirit’ that connects all of us. This has brought me to the conviction that Love overrides Fear. Thanks, Catherine! 🙂

    • Oh yes, I totally understand that. We identify and connect with certain deities and spiritual figures as a way to anchor ourselves in a reality that we would like to emulate.

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