Tarot Card Reading for Love and Relationships + Tarot Card Review

Today is #WitchyWednesday and I am reviewing a brand-new Tarot card deck, The Essential Tarot, by Chloe Zarka Grinsnir. The Tarot cards were kindly gifted by GMC Books.

It’s funny how these cards called to me energetically. I feel the need to touch the box and connect physically even if I’m not working with them. I did a Tarot card reading this morning quite unexpectedly, because I found myself picking up the cards almost like I was in a dream. That’s when I know they have a big message for me, and boy, did they! It’s just a regular Wednesday here in Cheshire, England. But it feels like something big is changing for me personally, and I welcome it.

Anyway, here is today’s Tarot card reading for Witchy Wednesday. I wrote the message as it came through to me, but you might find that some of it resonates with you. Please comment and tell me if you receive any wisdom, or even if you feel nothing and want to share. Also watch my video on Instagram to get a better look at the cards.

This is the first time I have had a Tarot card reading comprised completely of Major Arcana cards. Usually, I get one or two mixed with Minor Arcana. That means I must listen to this message. I might not follow the guidance because I am only human, and I am not perfect. But they can’t say they didn’t warn me!  

The Essential Tarot Card Reading

Today’s reading uses the Leaving the Past Behind spread, one that I chose energetically from my Tarot notebook.

1, What I need to leave behind me – The Empress

Ah, now I understand! She represents The Mother, a nurturing figure, a matriarch. Personally, I need to move on from being Mother. Yes, it is an important role, and I will always be mum to my children. But I can step back a little and allow others to share the burden. As I hit middle age, I find a sense of excitement for new adventures. No more babies for me!

2, What I need to take with me – The Emperor

Here is The Father, a man who rules with his head and not his heart. He balances the Empress, and today he is the one that I must seek to emulate. I should embrace my masculine side, use his rational influence, plan carefully, and I will achieve my goals. The same applies to you, whoever is reading this article right now. We may focus our time on business rather than family but being mindful of balance along the way.

3, Negatives to discard – The Lovers

I don’t like to see this card in this part of the reading. It forces me to face up to my current situation. Is this telling me to discard my lover? I mean, yes, we have had a hard time during the past few years, and it is well documented on my blog. We are a long way from fixed. But discard him completely? I’m not sure I can do that.

4, Positives to look forward to – The Devil

Hmm, did my cards get mixed up in the reading? The Devil represents the shadow side of The Lovers. On reflection, I understand the message. My relationship had grown obsessive and toxic, from my behaviour as well as his. I was able to release the destructive behaviours and forces, but it took time and a lot of effort. As I move forward now, I can see the light and the dark in my relationship, and I know how to respond.

5, Why a fresh start will be good for me – The Star

I am a different person these days. I visited my shadow side, I pulled out the dark stuff, and I worked hard to heal and release what I was holding on to. The Star tells me that She will light my way. Our hardships will ease. My projects and relationships will flow abundantly. I can move forward with joy.


Wow. I was not expecting such a powerful reading. This is my first reading with The Essential Tarot, and it packed a punch! The message confused me at first but now it makes sense. Life has been hard. It has also been easy. We live in a state of flux, often accepting outside influences. The Tarot sees me. And I decide on my life.

Are you ready to work on yourself, and make improvements in those areas where you feel lack?

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