Book Spotlight: Beloved Woman by Jonathan Kimba

Beloved Woman: Male Author Delivers Exceptional New Romantic Novel – Heartfelt, Traumatic and Utterly Engaging.

They say true love often travels on a gravel road, which is certainly true for the characters Benjamin and Abigail, lovers featured in Jonathan Kimba’s new romantic fiction piece ‘Beloved Woman.’ This book is at times raw, heartfelt, and highly volatile- inviting readers to journey with the pair as their lives lurch from one dramatic scenario to another. As the relationship appears to start to crumble, Cupid intervenes and kick-starts the affair again. Just like magnets, the couple are attracted and then repelled, time and time again. Will it all have a happy ending? You’ll be absorbed in this skilfully constructed romantic literature finding out.

Romantic fiction has long been regarded as the reserve and perhaps preserve of female authors, but there’s been a recent, gradual trend of men putting their hearts and reputation on the line by producing some exceptional works – John Green, Nicholas Sparks, Graeme Simsion, Richard Paul Evans, and Charles Martin, to name but a few of the best. Like any other category of writing, great romance fiction is written (and sold) by both women and men. One of the most successful writers in the early years of romantic fiction was Tom Huff, who wrote under the pseudonym of Jennifer Wilde.

Fast emerging as one of the best of British romantic fiction authors is Jonathan Kimba and his new novel ‘Beloved Woman’ is testament to that. It’s a powerful piece of writing depicting a relationship which endures for many years, with all its trials, tribulations, and ecstasies. A real rollercoaster of emotions which will have you hooked from beginning to end. Hold on to your hat – you’re in for a bumpy ride!

Synopsis of Beloved Woman by Jonathan Kimba

A love story spanning generations . . . a saga to take your breath away!

Two people grow up believing that one true love was never meant to be, and their dreams might always remain unfulfilled. But fate always has different plans for the naïve, doesn’t it? Fall in love as our lovers go through an immense, intense, and transformative experience, drifting apart but being drawn back together by a magnetic force time and time again.

Be transported into this multi-generational journey, of endearment, lust, pain, regret and, last but not the least, coming together despite all odds being stacked against ultimate love.

In the author’s words

“I like to think my work is romance writing at its finest and also that I am one of the few male writers in romance fiction.”


“This book just blown me above the roof, while I was reading it. I did enjoy the read also it has a lot of good points in it. You wouldn’t wanna miss out! Go grab your copy to enjoy the story.” – Joshua

“It’s a great book to read about inspiring love one of the best books I’ve read so far, and I’d happily read it again.” – Hayden Thomson-Howarth

About the author

Jonathan Kimba’s debut work is the result of an inspiration-driven blossoming writing journey. The journey of love that is ‘Beloved Woman’ narrates the passionate love story of Benjamin in his pursuit of Abigail, a conscientious social worker, and an upright lawyer.

Through the story, Jonathan takes his readers through a breath-taking show of resilience, determination and will, as evidenced by Benjamin winning Abigail, despite Abigail pushing him out of the way due to the painful love experiences she has had in the past.

Jonathan currently resides in England, where he spends his time gathering inspiration for writing his romance novels. You can find him pursuing his other cherished passion, football, in his spare time. You can see him either on the pitch playing the sport or coaching other football players at the academy team.

Beloved Woman by Jonathan Kimba (ISBN 9789692292665) is self-published and available at Amazon in paperback, RRP £8.82, and in Kindle, RRP £3.68. Buy the book here.

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  1. J says:

    Very well thought, imaginative, and inspired about love also engaging.

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