Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is dedicated to sharing information and speaking out about Mental Health Awareness. The state of a human mind has always been of interest to me, as I tried to make sense of the paranormal world that I explored during recent years, and continue to do so. I am also mystified by people as individuals. What makes us behave in the way that we do? How are our personalities shaped, and why do we go through phases of self sabotage or self destructive behaviour?

How to Hold Sacred Space for Yourself

It turns out there are many varied and complex explanations. The human brain, and the human mind, are an eternal mystery. Yes, they have been allocated scientific names, doctors and professors dedicate their careers to research and experimenting, and psychiatrists have developed methods of treatment for people who ask for help. Yet still there are many individuals that go about their daily lives in a state of exhaustion and pain. And they cannot talk about it.

You cannot tell someone that you feel ill without displaying some sort of physical symptom. I know this from personal experience. I have manifested joint pain, sickness and general fatigue at various points in my life, when really it was simply because I was run down and in need of rest and respite. Now, personally I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness. I thought I had post natal depression late in 2013, but after visiting medical professionals it was decided that my problems lay elsewhere. They are related to mental health, but I will not disclose further details because the people in question are not comfortable discussing it publicly.

And there we have it. We cannot talk about mental health. It amazes me every day when I speak to friends and family members, and they tell me they are off work with severe stress and anxiety, or they constantly worry about every aspect of their lives; their work, their family life, their personal choices. So today I reach out to everyone who is feeling ill but cannot explain what it is or why. You are entitled to feel this way, and more importantly, you can move on from it. People are willing to help. Just ask. And know that you are loved by those you are close to. Always.


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