Catherine Green the Ghost Hunter

I have always been fascinated by the world of the supernatural and paranormal. It began as a child when I discovered books of ghost stories and tales of witches, vampires and werewolves. I would watch TV shows and documentaries about reported sightings of ghosts and other phenomena, and I was hooked. This stayed with me into adulthood as I became an author, but before I reached that point, I found another way to satisfy my curiosity about the unexplained world. I became a ghost hunter.

SpookyMrsGreen Ghost Hunter
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Although I had never displayed any obvious signs of mediumship, I did have strange experiences from time to time, and I would feel disconnected from people around me, as though I saw the world differently to everyone else. As a child I had an imaginary friend who just happened to be a large chestnut racing horse named Drummerboy! I thought I dreamt him up after reading a particularly good story in a magazine, but it was years later while in my mid twenties that he reappeared to me one night when I was driving along the motorway. Since then I have come to know him as my travelling companion, galloping along the hard shoulder, warning me of any erratic traffic and protecting me on dark roads.

Image from personal archive

It was the growth of the internet, and the beginnings of social media, that introduced me to other people who saw the world the way I do. Up until that point I had often felt lonely and disconnected, and I could never explain why. I have seen spirits in pubs and clubs while on nights out with my friends, but I have learned to whom I can reveal these experiences, and who would rather not know. Many of my friends are interested in ghost stories, but they prefer not to explore the hidden world. Some have joined investigations with me, and we have experienced many curious and fascinating events. Nowadays I am aware of spirit energy as I go about my daily life, and I accept it as normal. Sometimes I might speak to the spirits, and other times I am simply distracted, busy, or leave them alone.

My husband and I accept that our house is haunted, but there is nothing dangerous or frightening here. The house is old, built in 1896, and so we understand that there are bound to be memories of previous tenants. We find it comforting that the families who lived here are comfortable in their home and like to check up on it from time to time. Being a terraced house, I often discuss the paranormal activity with my neighbour, who is fully aware of the ghosts, and likes to communicate via me and my dowsing rods on regular occasions.

I know there are spirits almost everywhere we travel these days and that some are conscious manifestations while others are simply ‘photographs’ frozen in time that show themselves in the Earth domain to people who are receptive. A building or piece of land that has seen a lot of human activity during life cannot simply be abandoned when the human dies. I believe that at the very least their memory lives on to be seen as a ghost by people that cross their territory. It seems to me that spirits and ghosts are a part of life (or death) and I will continue to communicate with them until my time comes to join them on the other side!

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5 Responses to Catherine Green the Ghost Hunter

  1. I love the idea of Spirit being all around us – and I know exactly what you mean about only being able to talk to certain people about it. It must be fascinating going on ghost hunts!

  2. scskillman says:

    Years ago I organised a party to go on a ghost tour of a manor house in Kent called Puttenden Manor. The owner at that time was an expert in metaphysics/the paranormal. He led a fascinating tour! I am interested in reading ghost stories, both fiction and factual accounts. Also I’m particularly intrigued by sightings/experiences surrounding particular places, reported by those sensitive enough to see them, but totally unknown to and unconnected with each other, who have reported the same experience at a particular place over the course of many years.

  3. Oh yes, those are the best stories Sheila! Well, look out for my reports coming in the run-up to Halloween… 😉

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