Vampire Tarot Reading

Following on from my previous post, The Vampire Tarot and Me, here is the Tarot reading in full that I did using The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night card deck…


Card 1 – The DevilFree will: Take responsibility for your own life. Draw out your inner demons, face them and diminish their power. Or you can remain in limbo, unhappy and unfulfilled. It is your choice.


Card 2 – Six of CupsNostalgia: You are still controlled by the memory of past events. Previous experiences and lifelong habits are hard to break. Yes, it is easy to wallow in self pity and reminiscences. However, now is the time to move on. Free yourself from the past. It is the only way forward.

Card 3 – Knave of PentaclesCompanion: A friend is offering something. Are you ready to receive? Perhaps you seek fulfillment elsewhere, when really your guide was here all along, waiting patiently in the shadows. Let them help you.

Card 4 – Two of PentaclesChoice: It is your choice. Everything is your choice, even when the options seem limited. Will you decide the future of your life, or will you allow someone else to do it for you?

Card 5 – Ace of PentaclesResources: Gather your resources, to equip you at this exciting and terrifying stage. Once you decide what you want to do, the means to create it are waiting to be claimed.


Card 6 – Five of PentaclesNeed: You feel totally alone and totally helpless. Life is hard, and at this stage you struggle to see beyond that. This is a low point, but now you can look up and begin to transform your state of mind.

Card 7 – Three of PentaclesDiscernment: Place your trust wisely in those you meet. Someone may offer the answer to your dreams, but it is a false hope. Think carefully before you act.

Card 8 – Six of PentaclesGift: If a trusted friend offers you a gift, accept it graciously and without guilt. Show your appreciation with kind gestures and words. Be wary of a gift bestowed by a stranger or a new ‘friend.’

Card 9 – Ten of CupsFamily: You may form an unlikely alliance with new (and old) friends. Enjoy the security, accept their support, and offer your own services in return. That is the model for a true family. The link is forged from more than blood and tradition.

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2 Responses to Vampire Tarot Reading

  1. Great to see the reading in full. Some excellent and timely advice here!

  2. Very cool reading. I like the way you incorporate the positive into what some would focus on as negative cards. I haven’t seen this deck, but it looks cool.

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