Miss Rabbit the Role Model

My eldest daughter, aged 3 years, is totally obsessed with the popular children’s cartoon series Peppa Pig. She is not alone, as I am fully aware. And actually I quite enjoy Peppa Pig myself in small doses. I have noticed a few things about the series and its characters and stories. It has a certain whimsical charm, but there are lots of very modern themes. Indeed, my daughter already compares me to ‘Mummy Pig’ when I am sitting at my computer doing ‘busy work.’


It struck me that there may just be some quite useful role models on Peppa Pig, especially for our daughters. Perhaps I am being selective, but here is what I have noticed. Miss Rabbit, the twin sister of Mummy Rabbit, is very much an all-powerful multitasking superwoman. So far I have watched her work the checkout in the supermarket, operate the computer system in the local library, drive the fire engine to save the daddies, pilot a helicopter, fly a hot air balloon and run an ice-cream stall. Have I missed anything? Oh yes, she also drives the bus and the train and probably a whole list of other vehicles I have not yet noticed!


OK, so that list of feats is very exhaustive and perhaps not quite so positive in hindsight. I mean, it is good to show our girls the scope of their capabilities and that they literally can turn their talents to whatever they choose. My daughter decided one day to pretend to be Miss Rabbit driving her fire engine, and of course I was happy to encourage the game and to join in (I might also add that her aunt is a firefighter). Ultimately I do appreciate the positive aspects of Peppa Pig, and the humour with which it is presented. It offers a light-hearted approach to daily life, which is something that I think we all need to do more often.

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*Images courtesy of Pinterest; Mummy Pig and Miss Rabbit

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  1. I agree, there needs to be more shows like this!

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