A Tarot Reading for Difficult Times

Today I asked the Tarot for guidance on a very personal matter. My emotions are running wild following the death of my grandad and the outbreak of coronavirus here in the UK. My grandad died on the same day that our pandemic officially took hold, so it has been a strange month as we waited for his funeral and watched the news on world events. Now I am home alone with two children for at least the next twelve weeks, possibly longer, with no possibility of a break.

A Tarot Reading for Difficult Times

To say I feel highly stressed is an understatement, despite my connection to reiki source energy. I randomly opened my Tarot notebook and focused on the “Foot in Mouth” spread. Here is what the Inner Child (Fairy Tale) Tarot had to say on the matter:

Inner Child Tarot Card Reading

1, Why did I say that?

Three of Hearts – Because it needed to be said. You have a solid network of friends to support you, and they remind you to be joyful in the face of despair. Remember your true self and your connection to a higher source. You are making a change that is needed. You are worth far more than what you currently accept.

2, What positives can come from it?

Little Red Cap (The Fool) – Your spirit is strong, and you are ready for adventure. Life has thrown a few obstacles into your path, and you might have strayed from your spiritual self. Now you may return, having learned to fail and succeed along the way. Your mistakes are lessons learned, nothing more and nothing less. Be proud of your efforts and appreciate what you have achieved.

3, What negatives can come from it?

Three of Wands – Why should you expect negatives? Your life has been a series of disappointments for a long time, and you deserve something better. Rejoice in the company of your divine female guides and welcome a joyful new adventure.

4, How should I proceed now?

Six of Hearts – You have already begun the healing process. All you should do now is welcome deep inner healing using the tools at your disposal. Resolve the hurt that you have harboured for so long. Release it. You are free to move on and find happiness in your life. You deserve peace.

Tarot Reading for Difficult Times

There we go. I am in a whirlwind of chaos, trying to comfort my daughters as they make sense of a world that just got a heck of a lot smaller without warning. They see TV adverts warning about the dangers of coronavirus, and yet their daddy still goes off to work in his key worker role and we don’t see him all day. It is just me, my girls, and our dog. We will get along just fine and so will you. Let’s all take some time to heal while we are in lock-down during the pandemic. Blessed Be.

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5 Responses to A Tarot Reading for Difficult Times

  1. anaelleamaya says:

    Thank you! 🌸 I try to think only positive things to keep my mind away from this virus 🌸 Have a beautiful day!

  2. Ivy Moon says:

    Love this, really nice to see a personal post on here. lockdown is hard but keeping positive is key, everyone will have a new appreciation of the world and daily life once it’s done. Blessings to you and your family 😘

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