Is this the Death of the New Age Movement?

It seems that the world is in a state of transition once again. Does it ever really stand still? I am intrigued by the headline news that a once-revered figure in the New Age world has now renounced her previous work involving Tarot, fairies and fortune telling. Doreen Virtue has fully embraced her Christian religion, and is now wholly aligned with God and Jesus. I read a very interesting article on The Wild Hunt blog last week, and I find myself both a little bemused, and a little concerned about the messages being perpetuated by Doreen Virtue and her organisation.


Doreen Virtue was a very influential teacher for me many years ago, when I first discovered Hay House and its authors. I began to collect Doreen Virtue’s Oracle card decks, I read her books, and I followed her meditations. I would even have signed up for her Angel Practitioner training course, if I had enough funds at the time. There must have been a reason why I did not pursue it… Now, I accept that throughout all of her teachings, Doreen Virtue has talked about God and the angels. I always knew that she was Christian, and that was fine. I come from a Christian background myself, so she offered comfort and guidance when I ventured into something that my family might consider “the dark arts.”


Now it seems that Doreen Virtue is actively encouraging people to stop using Tarot cards, to rid themselves of her earlier books and card decks, and to embrace Christianity just like she has. That sounds very oppressive to me, and I do not feel a connection at all. But will I stop using my Doreen Virtue oracle cards? No. They were made at a time when she fully believed in what she was doing, or at least, she convinced me and millions of other people that she did, and I like to work with them on my own intuitive level. I will certainly never give up using Tarot cards, that’s for sure.


Moving on from that story, we also heard the sad news that Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, has died at the ripe old age of 90. Although I never met her, I felt a kindred spirit connection to Louise Hay, as did so many other people all around the world. Her affirmations brought me out of many dark places, and her book You Can Heal Your Life remains the single most inspirational handbook on my bookshelf. I discovered her at a time when my life was dark and I was deeply unhappy, and she brought me out of it. I used Louise Hay’s affirmation and meditation techniques to release old hurts, refresh my Self, and for lots of self-healing.


Now that Louise Hay is gone, while her company remains huge and influential in the New Age world, I wonder if perhaps it is time for a change? We have moved on from those dark days when we needed a guiding light and a starting point. Many of us in the New Age world regularly practice meditation, affirmations and energy healing. Perhaps it is time for us to step up and become the teachers, now that our elders are moving on. Do you agree? Could I be a teacher?



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6 Responses to Is this the Death of the New Age Movement?

  1. I didn’t realise Louise Hay had died and I’m sorry to hear it – her books helped me back in the day as well.
    Could you be a teacher? From what I’ve read here, I’m sure you could! 🙂

  2. Caron Allan says:

    Yes you absolutely could be a teacher – in fact my personal feeling is that we all have a duty of care to the next generation to support, encourage, teach, share and advise – just as we have received, to give back. But that can take many forms, we have to find our own way.

  3. I’m sure you’d be a great teacher! If you took any of her courses and are looking for a refund, this article might be useful:

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