My Spiritual Journey: Angel Meditation

I have been working with angels for several years now. It was not something I shared easily with other people. I was worried that my peers might think I was being religious or that I was a little bit weird. So I kept quiet, and simply conversed with them in my own way. I met Richard Keogh, the Angelman, about four years ago when my sister and I attended our first Mind, Body and Spirit event. At the time we were new to the practice of meditation, and Richard showed us that it is possible to connect with angels in a non-religious sense.

We attended a workshop and participated in a very powerful group meditation. We then purchased some CDs and continued the work at home, individually. Alongside this we discovered Doreen Virtue, and her Angel Therapy Oracle cards. I then read several books by different authors, and searched the internet for more information to corroborate what I was experiencing as an individual. Finally, the angels began to speak to me. They knew I was ready to accept and acknowledge their presence.


I remember one particular incident with clarity. I was driving home from work one evening. The sky was just beginning to go dark as night set in, I was tired and fed up because I wasn’t enjoying my full-time office job. As I drove along the familiar dual carriageway, stuck in a line of traffic, I looked up to the sky. And I was amazed to see a huge angel hovering up there, just waiting to be seen. They had no discerning features. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. But I felt a rush of pure love sweep over me, and I knew that my vision was true. The angel had come to reassure me, and guide me safely home.

Anyway, I recently met up with Richard again, much to my surprise and delight. He was running another meditation workshop and doing an angel demonstration at the Mind, Body and Spirit event I attended with my sister and spiritual brother. So I joined in with the angel meditation. It was beautiful! Having done many of these meditations at home alone, once my body relaxed, I couldn’t wait to get started. Following the tone of Richard’s voice as he guided us to our sacred place, I visualized a door that is now totally familiar to me.


I bounded eagerly through the door, and into my meadow. As I visualized lights flowing through my body, I saw shimmering yellow and green colours. I also tasted the sweetest, most refreshing lemonade I have ever experienced. This was a completely new sensation. I have never previously manifested taste in a meditation before, and this was delicious!

In the meadow I was wearing a flowing pale-blue gown made of soft velvet, and I had flowers in my long hair. Small animals bounced along beside me, all chattering and laughing in their own way. We ran towards the river in my sacred place, and all the while I was laughing and playing with my friends.

I rode the river in a small, wooden boat. There were no oars. I simply trusted the water and its kin to transport us safely to a new destination. The water was like blue crystal, sparkling and clear. The warm sun shone brightly above us. I didn’t know where we were travelling to. I just knew that it was a happy and safe place.

As Richard continued to guide us through the meditation, he asked us to call upon our angel friends. In the past I have been supported by many different angels, but all faded away after a time. I am familiar with the archangels Michael and Raphael because they have often assisted me during recent years. This time however, I met a new angel. Or rather, an angel I was aware of, but not a recognized guide.

Angel Chazaqiel appeared. Manifesting as a woman, she stood behind me and rested her hands on my shoulders. I couldn’t really describe her appearance, only that she is incredibly tall and her wings are huge. She seemed to be dressed in a shimmering robe, so that her whole appearance was hazy, as though she is simply a light-filled being radiating her essence. Angel Chazaqiel filled me with a calm, reassuring certainty about my life path. She is my new travelling companion on this most exciting journey.

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6 Responses to My Spiritual Journey: Angel Meditation

  1. Im so happy I came across your posting. I am new to the blogging community so I’m not quite sure how this works (lol) but I would love to know more and hear more of your stories!
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. That is a really interesting post Catherine. I have never been religious in the sense of going to church and all that jazz, but as I get older I start to realize that I do believe in something. I just don’t know what it is. If anything it is nature, and the earth. One day I thought I saw something in the clouds as I was biking to work. I even stopped biking and took a double look. It was a very strange feeling.
    I enjoy reading about your spiritual journey.

    • Thank you Alex. I think as writers we are more open to ideas because we rely on our imagination. I have learned that actually our imagination and our subconcsious are very closely intertwined, and if we accept what we think we see, there are lots of wonderful things to experience beyond the mundane. Keep searching, and one day you will know the truth of your visions and feel the joy that is our true nature.

  3. Fascinating. Just had to share it on my Timeline.

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