7 Lines from the 7th Page

This came from Alex Laybourne

I read this blog earlier today and it is such a simple idea yet so effective!

1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next seven lines as they are; no cheating
4. Tag 7 other authors

The below comes from the 77th page of my current manuscript Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel), Book 2:

This world intrigued me.  It was vibrant and alive, full of beasts.  I was the only predator in my realm, and it was beginning to feel very lonely.  Pausing momentarily, I glanced sharply around, taking in my surroundings.  I was aware of smaller animals disappearing into burrows and nests, desperate to avoid capture and certain death.  They were of no consequence to me at this time.  I needed something bigger, something strong and worthy of my time and energy.  Staring ahead, I saw the swish of a wolf’s tail as it disappeared into the undergrowth.


That was fun! Now I will tag 7 authors, although I’m not sure if they’ll see this post.

  1. Alex Laybourne
  2. Borislava Borissova
  3. Y. Correa
  4. L. Filloon
  5. C.E. Hart
  6. Cheryel Hutton
  7. Deborah R. Turner

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1 Response to 7 Lines from the 7th Page

  1. habisha says:

    Page 77 from my manuscript Energy Weaver

    “How did you find out then?” Dora asked curious.
    “They finally confessed and threw themselves on my mercy. When I found out who the slave master was, I knew I couldn’t return them.”
    “Who couldn’t you return?”
    “Ysbail and Mrs. Keket. And the slave master was Baron Althorpe.”
    “The Baron is dead, sin’t he? I thought I remember a holonews item or two about a plunge off his balcony. People thought he committed suicide at first until …”

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