January, the New Year and Plans for 2012

It is that time of year, as people say. We have celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Now we are slowly falling back into the routine of work and the daily grind. My husband  has been very miserable these last few days, leaving me in bed feeding our baby, while he battles the elements to spend his days monitoring household waste sights in Greater Manchester. It is dark when he leaves for work, and dark when he gets home. I remember those days.

Now, my work involves staying at home, watching the baby, playing with her to aid her development, walking the dog, cleaning the house. Oh, and a bit of writing, networking and blogging if I can fit it in. I must admit I’m already starting to feel a bit claustrophobic. While I want to use this ‘downtime’ to get on with some serious work, and get more stories out there in books and novels, I also feel the need to do fun things, like go out for daytrips with friends. But we must work, if we want to get anywhere in life. And I’m aiming for the international bestseller lists.

British PNR by Catherine Green

My New Year plan is something like this: finish editing two manuscripts (one of which I have just completed, hooray!). Ensure my blog sites are updated regularly, at least once a week but preferably more. Find more book review sites who will host me as guest author for an interview or a book review. Promote and market my work wherever and whenever I can. Write my third Redcliffe novel. Keep applying for an agent or publisher who will give me a contract and advance so I can actually afford to keep doing the writing thing.

Bearing that in mind, 2012 looks to be another very busy year. I know my goals are achievable. The Law of Attraction is on my side. It has been working well for me during the last two years, and the results are only getting more visible and powerful. So I keep at it. As long as I apply myself and don’t become lazy (as I did during the holidays), I will hit those targets. As can we all, whatever it is we are striving for. Now is the time to strike, to achieve that dream of yours. You are capable, you are powerful, and you will succeed.

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2 Responses to January, the New Year and Plans for 2012

  1. maenamor says:

    Just stumbled on your blog..very interesting, good luck 😉

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