Living Life, and Loving Life, using Law of Attraction

This month I have once again embraced the Law of Attraction way of life, and I am living the results right now. It is truly a most amazing feeling, and something that I cannot properly put into words, although I will try. I had spent many years reading about Law of Attraction, watching web seminars and YouTube videos, and training myself to follow the path. My difficulty seemed to be that while I told myself I was open to receiving all the good things that I wanted, and I am brilliant at visualizing my dreams, I was still struggling to allow the results that I craved.

Now, finally, I am beginning to understand how to allow my life to unfold in the way that I want. It is still a challenge, I’ll be honest. I am only human, after all. I am a mother of preschool aged children, I live in close contact with people who battle severe stress and anxiety disorders. I have close family members with serious health problems. It is enough to send anyone a little bit doolally! Using all of these experiences, I have finally begun to work out how to redirect my thoughts and my intentions, so that I can receive what I truly want, and allow those positive experiences to reflect and rub off on the people around me.

Living Life Loving Life

This month I have enjoyed every moment with my young daughters, even the tantrums and squabbling that inevitably occurs. I sit gazing at them sometimes, and my four year-old will often ask me what I am doing. They are wonderful girls, intelligent and warmhearted, and I am proud to be their mother. Time with my husband is also beginning to work out again, which has been something of a challenge during the past eighteen months or so. And then there are all the other areas of my life. It is all falling into place: love, relationships, career etc.

And while I am in this place of happiness and joy, I have to share some news about my wonderful sister-in-law, firefighter Helen Green. She was part of the large rescue team that attended the Smiler rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers recently. She never really talks about her work at home, preferring to live life joyously in the face of her often unpleasant experiences. Her attitude alone is worthy of praise, since she never lets her job get the better of her. Now she is being honoured, along with her colleagues, and I take great pride in sharing her story in our local newspaper, and her interview with BBC news.

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5 Responses to Living Life, and Loving Life, using Law of Attraction

  1. I can always count on your posts to make me smile. Thanks for that.

  2. Great post! The biggest misconception about the law of attraction is people just think all you need to do is visualize and you will get what you want,we all have limiting beliefs that’s like being a chain holding us back from manifesting what we want,we’ve gotten these limiting beliefs when we were young from our parents,friends,relatives ,e.g if you’ve always been told by your parents “money doesnt grow on trees” and that becomes a deep rooted limiting belief ,its going to be hard to visualize and attract money into your life unless you get rid of the limiting beliefs, I discovered a method from a blog that showed me how to get rid of any limiting beliefs that you may have and started attracting what i wanted in just a few days ,here’s the link if you want to learn how to do the same:

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