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More than Half of Women Not Warned about Pregnancy Muscular Pain

UK survey finds most mums experience aches and pains but were unprepared The nursery may be planned, the baby equipment already bought, however many women expecting a new baby don’t realise they may face pregnancy related back and leg pain. … Continue reading

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Vivid Dreams During Pregnancy

Apparently, women have vivid dreams when they are pregnant. I can understand dreaming about such things as having a baby you can‘t care for, or of having an horrific labour, or dreaming that you aren’t actually pregnant and that it … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Makes You Grumpy

Just a quick one, and I am sharing some of the delights and depressions of pregnancy. I am currently experiencing some very extreme mood swings, and my poor husband is taking the heat. Well, it’s his fault I’m in this … Continue reading

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