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Dress Up Your Pet Day

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day! The dog in this photo is our old man, Baxter, who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019. He was a rescue dog and the best family pet we could ask for. You can … Continue reading

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More than Half of Women Not Warned about Pregnancy Muscular Pain

UK survey finds most mums experience aches and pains but were unprepared The nursery may be planned, the baby equipment already bought, however many women expecting a new baby don’t realise they may face pregnancy related back and leg pain. … Continue reading

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Starting High School: A Poem

Today is my eldest child’s first day at High School, and so I have written a poem for her. Have a great day, Elliot! Today we begin a new chapter In the journey of childhood and life. You will leave … Continue reading

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So, You’re Having a Baby. What Do You Need to Get?

Are you pregnant, or do you know someone who is expecting a baby? It’s an exciting time, whether you are new parents or not. But what are those essential items that you need to get for the baby? Never mind … Continue reading

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The Last Day at Primary School

This is it. My elder daughter is experiencing her last day at Primary School. And I am a blubbering wreck (again)! We have certainly been on a roller coaster of emotions and experiences during the past seven years. Her school … Continue reading

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Tips For Parents To End Off The School Year

It’s hard to believe that another school year is coming close. But, as a parent, you can do a few things to help your child transition from the school year to summer break. Here are a few tips.  Reflect On … Continue reading

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Here’s How To Throw The Most Amazing Baby Shower

So a friend or family member has just told you they are expecting and have asked if you can throw them a baby shower a little down the line. Of course, it would be an honour but you aren’t sure … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Being an Overbearing Parent

Being an overbearing parent is not something that any parent ever wants to be, but sometimes that’s the situation you end up in. If you want to make sure that you don’t become the kind of parent who holds their … Continue reading

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Why I Need Some Alone Time

It has been a long summer holiday! My children have had seven weeks off school, and I am ready for a break. We have enjoyed daytrips, time with family, a short holiday and welcomed our kittens into the household. Now … Continue reading

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Key Hacks to Help Make You a Better Parent in 2021

Being a parent is one of the hardest things you can do, and there is no rulebook that tells you the perfect way to be the right parent. This is largely something that you need to work on yourself, and … Continue reading

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