Vivid Dreams During Pregnancy

Apparently, women have vivid dreams when they are pregnant. I can understand dreaming about such things as having a baby you can‘t care for, or of having an horrific labour, or dreaming that you aren’t actually pregnant and that it is a dream in itself, but mine were far more bizarre. Allow me to explain:

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While I was pregnant (10 years ago), I dreamt about my deceased Yorkshire Terrier dog, Toby. I dreamt that he was alive and being cared for by an old man in an antiques shop. In my dream I walked along the street on the seafront of a town I didn’t recognize, and there was my Toby, on a lead tied up outside! The old man let me take him home and I was overjoyed. Then in the same dream I looked out to sea and saw three large boats on fire. They weren’t quite ships, and they were wooden, possibly fishing boats but I’m not sure.  As I watched, the one nearest the shore capsized and sank right in front of me, while the others continued to burn, lighting up the evening sky with an orange glow. Bizarre!

The next night I dreamt that my husband and I moved into a newly built four-bed roomed house. Nothing unusual there you might think. We had already decided we didn’t want a new-build house; we prefer old houses with history and character.  The house in my dream reminded me of a house I lived in as a teenager, only on a larger scale. While I was wandering around the house reveling in it, a fox climbed in through the dining room window! I got it out somehow but cannot remember my method. Then I walked into the kitchen where my husband was, and the fox came in through the back door, and this time clamped its mouth around my leg. I told my husband not to make any sudden movements but to try and tempt the fox away from me, and then I woke up, feeling a distinct ‘grabbing’ sensation on the same leg that had been mauled in my dream! 

I had forgotten all about these vivid dreams, but I know they are not limited to pregnancy. During the Christmas holidays and even the past few weeks I have woken up feeling exhausted having dreamt about all manner of weird situations. Have you had vivid dreams recently? Please share!

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