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My Chronic Pain Journey: What is a Normal Life?

What is a normal life? Can we define a normal life, or is it different for everyone? I don’t know what a normal life is, but I do know that my adult life has been a constant struggle to work, … Continue reading

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My Chronic Pain Journey: More Hospital Appointments

I would normally share my Chronic Voice Link-Up blog post today but this month there are no writing prompts because Sheryl is preparing for her Big Christmas Giveaway event, how exciting! I decided to share a quick update on my … Continue reading

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My Chronic Pain Journey: Blood Eyedrops

My blood eyedrops finally arrived! Well, blood serum eyedrops to be exact. The proper name is autologous eyedrops, but I’m still getting used to them. There’s some pretty cool science involved but I can’t explain the specifics. Basically, I met … Continue reading


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My Chronic Pain Journey

Lessons learned during lockdown, looking forward to new business, and letting go of what no longer serves my best interests. Feeling I am feeling much better now that my children are back at school. This is my favourite time of … Continue reading

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