Here’s How To Throw The Most Amazing Baby Shower

So a friend or family member has just told you they are expecting and have asked if you can throw them a baby shower a little down the line. Of course, it would be an honour but you aren’t sure how to pull this off. There is no actual wrong way to throw a baby shower or any party. If you know the person well enough you will pull it off with flying colours. 

Take a look below for a few suggestions and what to include in the party. 

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Guest List

Before you invite everyone, make sure you check who the mom-to-be actually wants there. A lot of people alienate themselves when friends or family become pregnant because they are not sure how to mix with pregnant people. Inviting someone the mom doesn’t like or want to be around could be disastrous. If she can give you a list of the people she either wants there or doesn’t want there then you can send out invites accordingly. 

You can get shop bought invitations or you can have fun making your own. You could even go one step further and get personalized ones from online retailers such as Etsy. 

Presents From Guests

On the invites, it may be a good idea to include a wish list of gift ideas that the mom-to-be and yourself have put together. A lot of people struggle to know what to buy for a baby shower as there are so many options for baby gifts. It is a lovely idea to not only get the baby and present but also the mom. Being pregnant and having a baby can be hard work so why not think about what would make her feel better. A lovely idea could be a bouquet of chocolates or a gift voucher to buy herself something nice when she is feeling up to it. 

Wherever you decide to host the baby shower make sure there is a special place to display the presents before the mom-to-be opens them. You don’t want them laying around the place as this presents a trip hazard. It is hard enough to waddle around being pregnant you don’t want to make an obstacle course for everyone. 


What is a baby shower without some traditional baby shower games? You can take a look online to find some classic games such as who is quickest to change the diaper on the doll or pin the pacifier on the baby. These are all a great laugh and will brighten up any exhausted pregnant lady. You could even go for something completely unrelated as she may be sick and tired of being pregnant. You could ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves, stick them all up on the board and the mom-to-be and all the guests have to try and guess who is who. 


Finally, it wouldn’t be a party if there wasn’t any food. The party guest may be too bloated to enjoy a full lunch so why not just have a buffet-style laid out on a table where guests can help themselves throughout the party. Remember to include traditional food such as sausage rolls and quiche. 

If the party guests don’t yet know the gender then this could be the perfect time to reveal it, if the mom-to-be wants to of course. You could have cakes with icing revealing the gender or a coloured filling inside the cake revealing it instead. 

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