Chronic Voice Link-up: Wandering the Chronic Pain Path

Welcome to August and our monthly A Chronic Voice blog link-up. Read on for my take on the August prompts.


I finally met my new ophthalmologist at the hospital. He is both a private and an NHS doctor, and shortly after I sat down with him, I burst into tears. At this point I am still waiting for my autologous eyedrops that should have arrived weeks ago. I have spent the past 10 years desperately asking for help with my chronic pain condition and have been ignored at every appointment. I finally wandered into a doctor’s appointment with my daughter about twelve months ago and met someone who seems willing and able to help me. There are new treatment possibilities to explore.


The past month has flown by in a blur of busyness, and I don’t even know what I’ve been doing. We are three weeks into the school summer holiday and I feel like I’m still catching up with work. Childcare is tricky and I have been unable to work properly due to my constant eye pain and discomfort. Instead, I work in fits and spurts, overcompensating when I feel better able to use the laptop, and resting as much as possible when my eyes are sore.


Right now, I need to compartmentalize my responsibilities and the things that consume my time. Children, career, pets, healthcare. It all takes time to work with and organize, and I feel I am struggling to keep all my plates spinning. The healthcare is mostly out of my control right now as I must rely on the doctors I am in contact with to chase up my missing eyedrops and request the referral to a pain specialist clinic that I have been promised. I am forced to take full responsibility for my children and the care of our pets, not through choice but I am making the best of the situation. My career must come last for now while I manage the more urgent priorities in my life. I’m not happy about that but needs must.


While I am stuck at home with the children, I will take some time out to rest and regenerate. They won’t allow much uninterrupted work time and they do demand activities and fun stuff, so that is what I will enjoy. We have already spent time with family, hosted an awesome birthday party (with bouncy castle in the garden), had friends round for a sleepover and been out dog walking and shopping. It is good to get out for more than just the school run following all the UK lockdowns during the pandemic.


This week we are visiting Blackpool for some good old-fashioned family fun, but we are doing the trip with friends, so we get double fun! My children are enjoying the beach and arcades, and my friend and I are excited to take our children for their first visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I wonder if they will dare ride the rollercoasters. And then we have the ultimate excitement: we are receiving two kittens into our home to join the family! They visited last week to meet our dog for the first time, and it went well, so now we are ready to grow our family. I can’t wait!

Chronic Voice Link-Up

I joined the social network for A Chronic Voice because I needed to find people who understand what life is like with chronic illness, people like me. Today I have written a post using the August link-up prompts, to show my experience of living with a chronic pain disorder. Click here to find other blog posts from fellow chronic pain sufferers, or #spoonies as we call ourselves online.

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5 Responses to Chronic Voice Link-up: Wandering the Chronic Pain Path

  1. RaisieBay says:

    I hope you do get some new treatment for your problems, it’s good when you finally get listened to. I also hope you have a fabulous time in Blackpool, we haven’t been there for while but we are not big on fairgrounds, the beach and circus are amazing though.

    • Thank you. My new serum eyedrops finally arrived so I will report on my progress with those. Blackpool was fantastic as always, we had lots of fun, lots of giggles and felt better for it 🙂

  2. kkr0cks says:

    Yay, you got your eyedrops! I hope they help. Sore eyes are not fun.

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