Seducing the Stable Boy in The Darkness of Love

Happy Hump Day! Have you read my Victorian vampire novel, The Darkness of Love? It is a spin-off from the Redcliffe novels series, telling the story of stable boy Marcus Scott and his initiation into the vampire world. He is a very persuasive and charming character, and he isn’t finished with me yet!


Marcus stirred slowly. He blinked and opened his eyes, wondering what had happened and where he was. His mind was strangely empty. He did not feel drunk, and he did not feel ill. But he wasn’t sure what these strange sensations were. He was lying on a sofa. He sat bolt upright when he realised it was in Lord Stockton’s study.  He sensed another presence in the room, and his eyes alighted on the still figure of Amelia Richmond, watching him from her seat on the adjacent sofa. She was smiling, and Marcus’ heart skipped a beat and started pounding.

“My Lady,” he gasped, leaping off the sofa, “Why am I here? What happened?”

Amelia continued to stare at him. There was something unnatural about the way she sat, something inhuman. Slowly, Marcus remembered what had happened.

“I drank his blood,” he whispered, touching his lips, “He is a monster.”

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