World Ego Awareness Day

Today is World Ego Awareness Day. It got my attention because I thought that having an ego is a good thing, within reason. Apparently, it can cause people to behave in ways that are damaging to themselves and others.

According to the website, egoism can cause people to display narcissistic tendencies, can lead them to be abusive to others, and causes a lack of empathy and general understanding for their peers. I like to think that I am not ruled by my ego largely due to my reiki energy healing practice. Reiki energy healing teaches us to trust in the universe, to stop trying to control events and situations, and to be compassionate.

I can think of a few people in my circles that are ruled by ego in different ways. They are obsessed with work, they do not understand other people’s feelings, much less support those who are struggling, and they seem to live in their own little world, only caring about what happens to them and not really appreciating the bigger picture. My ego can cause me to behave differently sometimes, but generally I show compassion and understanding to other people. I was raised to believe that I shouldn’t walk around thinking I was better than everyone else and that the world doesn’t owe me anything. Maybe people with egotistic traits were raised to believe that they are all-important. I don’t know.

My mission is to help people who struggle with mental health, who feel lost or unappreciated, and generally those who need a boost of confidence and some time to rest. I use reiki energy healing as a method for relaxation and to calm a turbulent mind. I need to harness the power of my ego when it comes to running a business, but mostly I manage my ego and ensure that I show empathy to people. Are you ruled by your ego? Or do you see yourself as a caring, helpful person?

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2 Responses to World Ego Awareness Day

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    There really is a day for everything, isn’t there? 😂 I can just imagine now, the egotists reading this and thinking ‘nah, can’t be bothered to read it, it doesn’t apply to me’ 😉 You make an interesting point about the types of ways to view egotism and being ruled by the ego etc. I suppose I tend to mostly just think of the more negative extreme of being selfish, self-absorbed, maybe over-confident to the point of ignorance, putting your needs first by not caring about anyone else etc. Makes you wonder how much is nature and how much is nurture, doesn’t it? I really enjoyed learning about these theories in Psych when I was younger! xx

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