Solid Wood Flooring makes a Pet Friendly Home

You might remember that I am currently in the process of modernising our home. Our last big job was the installation of a multi-fuel stove and solid oak beam mantel shelf in the living room. We now have half-stripped walls, since I started my redecorating full of vigour, and quickly ran out of steam (literally, I broke the steamer 3 times!). One bugbear for me right now is the grotty old carpet in our living room. It is dated and worn thin, decorated in a lovely brown and orange floral pattern that I believe is what you might call an acquired taste. I hated it when we moved in about eighteen months ago, and now it is sort of growing on me, but what I really want is to reveal the solid wood flooring that lies beneath this late twentieth century monstrosity. I have discovered that we have original parquet flooring underneath the old carpet, and I want it on display, but my husband is refusing. He says it will make the room cold. We have a brand-new log-burning stove and brand-new central heating system, these rooms are not going to be cold!

Solid Wood Flooring makes a Pet Friendly Home

My concern is that the parquet flooring appears to be cracked in places. I cannot fully investigate until we remove the carpet, which I plan to do early next year, but the floor makes odd sounds when you step in certain areas. I wonder if the parquet tiles have simply come loose and can be re-glued, or if we will have to replace sections of the floor. I would love to have wood flooring rather than carpet because I like the effect. It makes the room look cosy, you can put rugs down and change them when you want to, and it is easy to clean when the dog runs in from the garden with muddy paws. Ah yes, the dog! Because our carpet is such a dark, murky colour, we cannot see when he leaves toys lying around, especially his rawhide bone. We regularly trip over the bone, step on soggy remnants, and let’s not mention the occasional toilet accident. He is still settling in, after all. Wood flooring is so much easier to keep clean when you have a pet. You can sweep over it to collect pet hair, you can easily mop it and leave it smelling fresh, and you won’t have to untangle clumps of hair and bits of chew toys from the carpet fibres. Yes, I would far rather have my sold wood flooring on display and remove my grotty, old carpet. Let’s see how we get on in the New Year, shall we? How about you? Do you have plans for home improvements in 2020, or do you already have solid wood flooring and want to tell me how great it is? Let’s compare notes.

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