Fire Poem by Elliot Green (age 9)

As the fire burns, I sit staring

The heat on my face

The light of the fire

Lights up the room

The TV glaring

But I stare at the fire.

Poem written by Elliot Green, age 9.

My daughters wanted to publish their work online and asked me for some blog space – how could I refuse? Please do leave a comment to tell them if you like what they write.

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7 Responses to Fire Poem by Elliot Green (age 9)

  1. oscarsparrow says:

    Love the poem. Captures the simplicity and the complexity of the moment. I can feel the dark damp night outside…

  2. Beautiful! I love the idea of having the choice between looking at the TV or the fire, and choosing the fire – far more meditative and restful.

  3. Invisibly Me says:

    A fab piece! A fire can be so cosy, it’s easy to get transfixed and lose yourself in the blur of the flames. I bet it’s more interesting than a lot of stuff on the TV lately too! 😉
    Nicely done, Elliot!

    Caz xx

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