It’s All A Little Bit Strange #MercuryRetrograde

We are back from our holiday, and a lovely one it was, too. I will be writing about our days at the beach soon enough, but for today I want to talk about energy, specifically, a very strange feeling that took hold at the weekend. It sort of came to a head yesterday, when I found myself moping around the house, not knowing what to do. I just felt out of sorts, and I couldn’t explain it. There are a lot of emotional challenges in my life right now, so I thought it was those. But now I am not so sure.


You see, I learned that Mercury is in retrograde again, and I have picked up a few snippets of information online in my social networks. I read somewhere that now will be a time to learn the true nature of a person, or to see them in a different light. That struck a chord, and while I cannot go into detail, it helped me to make sense of something that happened recently. I also discovered that some of my friends are experiencing strange feelings and emotions that they cannot explain. They are already aware that it could be related to the planetary shift and the change of season.


We are in a state of a transformation, inside and out. You can see it all around us, in many ways. Eventually, my friends came to the rescue and gave my daughters and I a sociable outing. We went to a local park where there is open, green space, lots of room for the children to play, and the weather stayed dry and mild. After a couple of hours in the fresh air, I began to feel a whole lot better, and today I have woken up feeling much more life myself, instead of this strange, floating, confused creature that I was before. Can you feel a shift in the energy around you? Have you been struggling with extreme emotions, increased agitation, or a feeling that something is just not quite right? Please do share your experiences, and be gentle with yourself.


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4 Responses to It’s All A Little Bit Strange #MercuryRetrograde

  1. I did dream it was the end of the world on Sunday! I’ve always found Mercury retrograde a frustrating time, and I’m always glad when it’s over.

  2. Hmmmm…fearsome fours following terrible twos! Was there something interesting in between?

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