My Spiritual Journey: Learning about Mercury Retrograde

I have never really taken time to study astrology, natal charts, and all that weird and wonderful stuff where we learn how the planets affect out movements down here on Earth. I have a vague notion that it is important and that I should take notice, but now is not the time. Of course, our magical guides and teachers always make their intentions clear eventually.

All I know is that right now, my world is in a state of chaos. I cannot go into detail for legal reasons, but events occurring will have lasting effects. I trust in the Great Mystery to keep myself and my loved ones safe and secure, and we will accept whatever happens. But why is this happening now? I wonder if it is connected to the astrological plane.


Five planets are currently in retrograde, or have recently been retrograde, and are now straightening out. In simple terms, I deduce that it means they are moving backwards slightly, or are stalling on their gravitational cycle. I’m not a scientist or an astrologer, so I don’t know the specifics. I am aware that this is a rare occurrence. I also received a message in a blog post I read. Now is the time to refresh, renew, and revise. Part of that process involves a good spring clean in my home, and a rethink about my situation, my involvement in current events, and many other activities. I accept the lessons, and may we all step forward into a new, happier, more peaceful life when the planets realign again.

Can anybody offer more advice or insight into the retrograde cycles? I would love to learn more!


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8 Responses to My Spiritual Journey: Learning about Mercury Retrograde

  1. Patchouli sky says:

    I’d be interested in some information or insight about the retrograde cycles myself. I’ve been waffling back and forth on the direction of my spiritual path, and have had the most difficult time making a hard and fast decision about it. I think I have finally done so, but it has been a mentally grueling process. Also, I’ve been sick since about March 7th, and am now just on the mend. I’ve never put a whole lot of thought in about astrology, but the more I discover about it, the more it makes sense. Hope your legal situation gets resolved!

    Also, a bit of technical information. I first read this blog post on my iPad(Air 2, running the latest iOS update). The pop up ad for the free book would not go away, thus, I was not able to comment or click on anything on your blog in Safari. I had to wait to do so on my Mac. I tried it on my iPhone 7+, and had no problem. Just wanted to make you aware of the iPad situation. Blessed Be.

    • Thank you for the feedback and the good wishes! Yes, I think perhaps this last few weeks has been a reminder from my guides that I must return to my roots, and resume my studies in order to grow. The situation I refer to is not directly related to me, so I cannot influence it. All I can do is support those involved and keep their spirits up. Blessings to you 🙂

  2. trishafaye says:

    This one’s been a doozy for us too. Major, major car problems on April 7th. Hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars of later, had it towed home again yesterday. And the dryer went out. And… yes, this one’s been a rough one.
    My friend shared an interesting video on mercury retrograde by Robert Ohotto, that had some different thoughts on it. Thought provoking. When he mentioned how the events can ‘take us out of the driver’s seat’, I thought aha- yes, this one definitely has me out of the drivers seat. Time to pay attention to my spiritual lessons that I haven’t been listening too. He had some interesting thoughts on how we don’t have to be a ‘victim’ of MR and the trickster it can be.
    I don’t know if you can access the video, it was posted on Facebook. Here’s a link though, so in case you can.

    • trishafaye says:

      When I hit send, the link disappeared. If you’re on Facebook, it was posted on Caroline Myss’s page on April 7th. The video is by Robert Ohotto.

      • I asked for assistance, and here it is! Thank you, Trisha, that video was really helpful and I have now signed up to Robert’s newsletter so I can learn more. Your story was interesting to hear as well. For my part, it is a case of learning from what happens, and moving on with determination and compassion.

  3. I avoid big promises when Mercury is in retrograde, like signing contracts, starting big projects etc…

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